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Europe is becoming a paradise for the new… multinationals of organized crime

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According to a confidential Europol report leaked to several French media, 821 criminal organizations are established and operating in the 27 EU member countries

According to Europol (European Law Enforcement Cooperation Agency), Europe has become the promised land of new “criminal multinationals”, and they have turned into “a major threat to the internal security of the European Union”.

According to a confidential report leaked to several French media, 821 “mafias” are established in the 27 EU members, working as “large multinational companies”, in strategic sectors such as the hospitality industry, real estate construction, large distribution of all kinds products, road transport and more.

These 821 criminal organizations have around 25,000 'associates', from the contract killer to the rogue computer scientist. Under the guise of freelancers, they specialize in “service provision”. European mafia multinationals are small and medium-sized “companies” with about 10 to 40 members, from the “manager” to the last employee.

What the evidence shows

< p>According to data published by “Le Monde”, 68% of these mafias resort to violence and intimidation to achieve their goals.

71% use the corruption of politicians, businessmen and freelancers to to increase its activities. 96% wash their million dollar businesses without much difficulty. 86% have created completely legitimate companies to successfully grow their business.

Europol has sent its highly confidential report to the governments of all EU member states because, as it points out, “New crime multinationals are growing in an alarming way”.

In Marseille, France's second city, the most dangerous city of the western Mediterranean, the new multinational crime is triumphant. Everything happens in its port.

On the Franco-Italian and Franco-Spanish borders there are well-founded suspicions of drug trafficking, through the road networks carrying fruit and vegetables, which often arrive from Morocco.

France occupies a privileged position in the new geography of organized crime, in Europe. Paris is at the center of the communication routes between the continental south, Morocco and Eastern Europe. Marseille and the roads that cross the Pyrenees are of particular importance for the arms trade and the diversified movement of goods from Africa, which passes through Spain to enter all of Europe.

In Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​among other capitals, the Europol report also highlights the significant development and implementation of a new type of legal and business “structures”, legal and “collaborating” with criminal organizations. Legal Business Structures (LBS) enable 'indirect collaboration', opening up new markets.

LBS allows for the creation of a tough “core” gangster who outsources the dirty work to individuals or groups of individuals, offering them assistance as service agencies. Computer technicians can steal passwords, gather information useful for blackmail, and establish business relationships with organizations in other countries.

These structures of new multinational crime are very flexible, allowing them to grow and reproduce, even if some of their members or leaders are captured.

The role of technology

New technologies allow the preservation of sensitive information. These files can be reproduced and sold, multiplying and making the business board long-lasting.

The problem is big after it was revealed that European police have identified 821 mafia groups and 25,000 people involved in networks that are increasingly integrated into the legal economy.

As “Le Mont” reports, the sixty pages of the report do not reveal, due to confidentiality, the names of these organizations.

However, “we can easily find traces of the Albanian and Italian mafia (the latter are also active in 45 countries), the Dutch-Belgian Mocro Maffia or various Eastern European structures that have gradually gained a position of power in the very profitable activity of synthetic drugs, online fraud, vehicle theft, cigarette smuggling, etc. etc. Their businesses are most often located in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

source: in.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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