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European Citizens Network together with DIPA and Cooperation

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European Citizens Network together with DIPA and Cooperation

Another Movement will be added to the cooperation between the Democratic Party and the Democratic Forces in view of the parliamentary elections, as stated by the MP of the Democratic Forces Cooperation, Marinos Mousioutas, speaking on the Control Panel show of POLITIS 107.6.

Mr. Mousioutas did not want to reveal what the Movement will be, recommending patience, as the cooperation will be announced in the coming days.

However, according to information from politis.com.cy, this is the European Citizens' Network, with its president Costas Kerlenkgos unexpectedly entering the ballot in the province of Nicosia.

The European Citizens' Network, according to its website, consists of a group of people who, realizing the decay and inadequacy of our existing political system, combine their ideas, principles and knowledge to offer a political choice that respects the Cypriot citizen.

“The realization of all of us is that the system is now incapable of solving any problem that concerns us today as Cypriots. We look forward to welcoming our team of people to share our vision and values and to feel that together we can work for a better homeland. Beyond wishes and mutual accusations, we are leading the way for the Cypriot citizen to take fate into his own hands and push Cyprus forward. We have a responsibility to our children. “Our path will be difficult, but with hard work we will achieve our goal”, the website states.

The processes of DIPA and the Cooperation of Democratic Forces continue for the completion of the ballots and it is expected that all the candidates will be announced soon.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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