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Eurostat: Large proportion of refugees from Ukraine in Cyprus in relation to population

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    Eurostat: &Mu ;εγαλη αναλογΙα προσφyγων απo Ουκ ρανΙα στην Κyπρο σε σχΕση με πληθ&upsilon σμò

    High proportion of refugees from Ukraine in Cyprus in relation to population – 4.27 million third-country nationals forced to leave Ukraine due to the Russian invasion live in the EU

    One of the countries with the largest proportion of refugees from Ukraine who have received temporary protection status after the Russian invasion in the country is Cyprus, with 20.7 people per thousand population, according to data published by Eurostat, the statistical agency of the EU.

    According to the latest data until November 30, 2023, a total of 4.27 million citizens from third countries who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the Russian invasion lived in the EU under temporary protection status.

    In Cyprus until the end as of November 2023, there were 19,080 refugees from third countries forced to flee Ukraine following the Russian invasion. Compared to October, when the number was 18,635 people, there was an increase of 445 people in Cyprus.

    Of those in Cyprus by the end of November, 3,585 were adult men and 10,425 were adult women, while a total of 5,070 were children under 18.

    Cyprus meanwhile had one of the highest proportions of persons with temporary protection status at 20.7 persons per 1000 population, compared to the EU average of 9.5 persons per 1000.

    The countries hosting the largest percentages of refugees from Ukraine were until November Germany (1,235,960 people or 28.9% of the total in the EU), Poland (955,110 people, 22.3%) and the Czech Republic (369,330 people , 8.6%).

    Compared to the end of October, the largest increases in beneficiaries in absolute numbers were recorded in Germany (+20,595, +1.7%), the Czech Republic (+4,880, + 1.3%) and Norway (+4,180, +6.9%).

    Among the EU Member States, the number of beneficiaries decreased slightly in four countries: Poland (-5,510 people, -0.6%), Italy (-160 people, -0.1%), France (-125 people, -0.2%) and Luxembourg (-15 people, -0.4%).< /p>

    The figures refer to the temporary protection status for refugees from Ukraine granted on the basis of a decision of the EU Council in March 2022, which in September 2023 was extended until March 2025.

    Also at the end of November, Ukrainian citizens represented over 98% of temporary protection beneficiaries. Adult women made up 46.3% of beneficiaries of temporary protection in the EU, children made up 33.3%, while adult men made up 20.4% of the total.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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