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Eurovision: they were scared with El Diablo, they lost their temper

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Eurovision: they were scared with El Diablo, they lost their temper

In the country where all the problems have been “solved”, the song with which Cyprus participates in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest is reduced to a major issue by specific circles.

The song “El diablo” (the devil), unknown until yesterday, unknown to the amazing majority of the society, which is performed by Elena Tsagrinou, turns into a cause of intense criticism with a basic request for its withdrawal from RIK.

Police took enhanced security measures at the institution's premises after receiving threatening phone calls about the matter. Through a phone call that seems to have been made by name, there was even a threat to burn RIK, in case the song is not withdrawn.

More about the issue in the printed version of “P” and for the subscribers of POLITIS PREMIUM the digital version of the newspaper in PDF at the same time with its printed circulation daily from 05.00 in the morning.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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