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Event for the book by Marinos Sizopoulos – Documents for 1955 and 1974

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Εκδorλωση για &tau ;ο βιβλο του Μαρiνου Σιζoπουλου - Ντοκουμéντα για 1955 και 1974

Document from the Cyprus File show that the period from 1955 to 1974 was "a course of betrayal", pointed out the president of the Socialist Party of Cyprus EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos, who spoke at an event in Thessaloniki about the first of his four books entitled " CYPRUS 1955-1974. Course of a betrayal. Document from the Cyprus File”.

"The goal is to present authentic documents, documents, which shed light on what happened in Cyprus. This book records the strategic goals of the countries involved in the Cyprus conflict: Turkey, Great Britain and the USA and how the respective Greek governments managed these issues to reach 1974″, said Mr. Sizopoulos, who is president of the Parliamentary Defense Committee and has been chairman of the Committee on the Cyprus File.

When asked if he is optimistic about the prospect of resolving the Cyprus issue, after the election of Nikos Christodoulides to the Presidency of Cyprus, he replied as follows: "We are always optimistic. He is a new President, he was elected with our support, therefore we have a lot of expectations, but we should all expect to judge him by the results of the work he will do and not by his intentions.

< p>He also emphasized that dangerous solutions should be rejected and that Greece and Cyprus should form a common national policy to deal with Turkey's expansionist policy.

Stefanos Xekalakis, member of the Political Council of PASOK – Movement for Change, spoke about Mr. Sizopoulos' book, who noted: "The event is taking place in the wake of a great tragedy, but today we will also talk about a tragedy. A tragedy that has been going on since 1974 and we will try, through the search for the reasons that led to the occupation of part of Cyprus, to see how the next day this whole entrenched situation will be able to be overturned. This is the national goal.

He reminded that PASOK is the one that imposed the Unified Defense Doctrine, it is the one that put Cyprus in the European Union and underlined: "For us, the resolution of the Cyprus problem is a key objective of our foreign policy. And with the public statements of Nikos Androulakis, we return to the positions that our founder had expressed. We cannot accept bizonal, bicommunal solutions. We believe that the state of Cyprus is united and therefore in this context and in this line we will move”.

When asked if he is optimistic about a solution to the Cyprus problem, he replied that “there is no reason to be optimistic”. and added that "the Greek side is the one which, in cooperation with the new Cypriot Presidency, should create the necessary conditions for us to be able to have mobility in this matter again".

< p> The event for the presentation of the book by the president of EDEK took place in the meeting room of the Thessaloniki Municipal Council and was organized by the regional faction “Actions for Macedonia”. and the Political Movement “Modern Democrats”.

The head of the faction “Actions for Macedonia” Christos Papastergiou emphasized that through the documents presented by Mr. Sizopoulos, “it is documented that Cyprus was not lost because mistakes were made, it was lost because betrayals were made, and many lessons are learned about how Hellenism should proceed from here on in claiming of his rights and on the issue of Cyprus”.

At the beginning of the event, a minute's silence was observed in memory of the victims of the deadly train accident in Tempi.

The event was attended by the consul general of Cyprus in Thessaloniki Konstantinos Polykarpou. 

Source: APE-MPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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