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EVHEK is concerned about the safety of solar water heaters after the explosion in Paphos

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    EBHEK clarifies that the incident “is not due to poor quality of the product, but to other conditions, such as the management of the water heater, in combination with the weather conditions”

    The Cyprus Solar Energy Industrialists Association (EBHEK) emphasizes that there is no reasonof concern about the safety operation of solar water heaters, while he considers that the incident, which happened yesterday in Geroskipou, with the explosion of a solar water heater in a house it was an “isolated and extremely rare” incident.

    In its announcement, on the occasion of the incident, EBHEK clarifies that the event “is not due to poor product quality, but to other conditions such as management of the water heater, combined with the weather conditions”.

    “Solar water heaters”, he says, “are the most efficient and clean way to cover the needs for hot water. They are reliable devices with minimal maintenance and a long service life. They are built to handle a large amount of water at high temperatures and are exposed to all weather conditions, where the quality of the stored waterit plays an important role in their durability”.

    Consequently, he notes “to ensure the good operation and longevity of the device, consumers should take care of its maintenance every 2-3 years, only by a qualified technician -installer”.

    Furthermore, he adds that “special attention must be paid to the control of safety devices, such as the expansion tank, the safety valve and the vent, which must be checked regularly for their correct operation ».

    EBHEK, as the representative of the Cypriot solar water heater industry, systematically informs and ensures that all its members follow European requirements and standards, with the aim of manufacturing safe, high-quality and energy-efficient products, while stresses that in this context EBHEK works closely with the competent authorities, such as the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry and the Electromechanical Service, making relevant announcements where necessary.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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