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Exclusive: Cypriot singer is pregnant with her first child (Photo)

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    Αποκλειστικ : Κριγοτριαεγκ&omicron ;σοπηιποο 

<p>Find out all the information</p>
<p>Talented Cypriot singer is going through the most beautiful period of her life,</strong> as she is pregnant with her first child.</p>
<p>According to <strong>exclusive information from ShowBiz, she is in her 7th month of pregnancy</strong> and in early August her baby will be born.</p>
<p>The reason for <strong>Christiana Loizou< /strong>who comes from Larnaca, with important studies in music and singing, while she is a graduate of a Bulgarian university specializing in opera!</p>
<p>In January <strong>2016 she emerged as the grand winner of X-Factor Bulgaria, </strong> making a strong run in the game winning over everyone with her voice. From then until today she lives permanently in Bulgaria and has <strong>participated in well-known musicals in lead roles,</strong> in music shows, while also releasing her own songs.</p>
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    In the communication we had with Christiana Loizou, she confirmed the happy news with herself being particularly happy about the period she is going through. The mother-to-be is not yet revealing the gender of the baby,while also protecting the identity of her fiance who comes from Bulgaria, as she does not want to show her personal life in the media!

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    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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