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Expansion of state aid to the aviation industry

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Expansion of state aid to the aviation industry

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savvas Perdios, participated in the informal teleconference of the EU Ministers of Tourism, which took place on Monday, 1 March, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The focus of the discussions was on promoting a more effective pan-European approach to supporting the tourism industry, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministers exchanged views on the adoption of joint actions and measures in order to lead, as soon as possible, to the recovery of tourism, always guided by factors such as cross-border mobility, ongoing vaccination programs and in general the restoration of traveler confidence.

Mr. Perdios presented the dramatic effects that the coronavirus pandemic had on the tourism sector in Cyprus, characteristically stating that the reductions in revenues and arrivals of tourists for the year 2020 reach 85%. The numbers speak for themselves, said Mr. Perdios, to point out that Cyprus is the member state whose tourism industry has suffered perhaps the biggest blow in the EU.

Regarding the measures that can be taken in the short term, Mr. Perdios mentioned, among other things, the need to adopt a common framework in relation to the rapid coronavirus tests (Rapid Test) conducted in the EU. Cyprus' support in adopting a common approach to vaccination certificates. Such a development, he added, will allow vaccinated citizens to travel without laboratory tests, while not excluding those who have not been vaccinated to travel, if they can do so by presenting a negative laboratory test. for the coronavirus.

It is noted that, regarding the extremely important issue of the European Vaccination Certificate (Digital Green Pass), the EU Council undertook, in the context of the teleconference, to present a concrete proposal on the issue within March.

Referring to medium- and long-term measures, the Deputy Minister of Tourism made special reference to the aviation industry. Recalling that the tourism industry in Cyprus is inextricably linked to our country's aviation connection with the rest of the world, he stressed that the current state aid framework to the aviation industry should be extended, both in terms of duration and height. of sponsorships. Finally, he expressed the support of Cyprus in favor of a long-term European strategy for tourism, which will have as its main pillar sustainable tourism development, in line with the broader objectives of the Green Agreement.

The same afternoon, Mr. Perdios had a teleconference with the Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs, Thierry Breton, during which he informed him about the implementation of the National Tourism Strategy 2030, as well as about the national plans of Cyprus, under the Medium EU Recovery and Sustainability. The two officials also had the opportunity to exchange views on how the European Commission supports the Cypriot tourism industry, as well as general issues related to their responsibilities.

Source: www.philenews.com

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