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Experts believe Abramovich was poisoned with chloropicrin or a small dose of Novitsok, says journalist

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Experts believe Roman Abramovich was poisoned either with chloropicrin, a toxic substance previously used as a chemical weapon, or with a low dose of the neurotoxic agent Novitsok.

The above is supported by the Bulgarian journalist Christo Grozev, who conducted an investigation into the shocking incident. According to him, a group of experts agreed that the substance that is most likely to cause the symptoms of poisoning of the Russian oligarch is chloropicrin, a chemical weapon of A & # 8217; World War II.

Abramovich and other peace negotiators showed severe symptoms, including a temporary loss of vision, during a mission to Kyiv in early March. The Chelsea owner had to be hospitalized in Istanbul after traveling to Turkey after talks in Ukraine. One of the theories that was heard was that behind the “poisoning” were people close to Putin who wanted to undermine the peace talks and prolong the war.

In a new interview in Russian on the popular YouTube channel Popular Politics, Grozev said chloropicrin was the most likely explanation for the experts who contacted the victims, studied their photographs and conducted their own research. “Everyone told them it was no coincidence, that it was not food poisoning or allergies. “They pointed to this substance [chloropicrin] and other agents that had been used as chemical weapons,” the reporter said. , or send their blood there. This, as we know, did not happen.

“Everyone agreed on one of these substances, while on others there were disagreements,” Grozev said. “What was that stuff?” they ask him. “Chloropicrin,” he replies. “This is the factor that gives almost all the symptoms that were detected.”

“The only weak point of this case was that chloropicrin usually emits quite a strong odor, which means that it is difficult to administer without being noticed. However, one of the experts said that odorless & # 8220; versions & # 8221; of the substance. “Another substance suggested by a specialist with deep knowledge of the subject is Novitsok, which in a small dose could cause the same symptoms”, the journalist points out.

It is recalled that the neurotoxic agent Novitsok poisoned the former double agent of the GRU, Sergei Skripal, at his home in Salisbury, England, while the same substance has been used against Putin's enemy, Alexei Navalny, in Siberia. The Russian activist underwent rescue treatment in Germany and after his recovery returned to Russia, where he was imprisoned.

As Grozev explained, it was not possible for Abramovich and the other victims to undergo thorough examinations that could confirm the cause of the poisoning. “In the weeks that followed, the symptoms gradually subsided and as the team was involved in the negotiations, and was constantly traveling from one place to another, it was very difficult to find time to go to a European capital with the right laboratories. By the time time was finally found, metabolic processes had already made it impossible to detect the factor. “Unfortunately, it will remain a big mystery”, the journalist said characteristically.

According to him, the special circumstances under which these people fell ill affected the outcome of the case, as otherwise other circumstances would have been properly investigated, but in this case the parties gave priority to the peace negotiations and not to its protection. their health.

Grozev, who is linked to the British research site Bellingcat and independent Russian information platforms & # 8211; He said he was called to look into the case around March 3 because of his experience with other poisoning cases. He later contacted experts, who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons. to blow up negotiations. “Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.” That fact must be taken into account. ”

Source: politis.com.cy

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