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Experts see an increase in cases – They are monitoring the epidemiological picture

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Decisions, but no measures, were taken during the emergency meeting held by the Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela and the members of the Ministry's Advisory Scientific Committee, with the aim of the preparedness of all those involved, as well as the citizens, in the shadow of the increase in cases of coronavirus , with experts not ruling out an increase in cases in the coming months. 

The increase in incidents, as well as the identification of subordinates in the community, was expected. It was for this reason that both the Ministry of Health, as well as the experts in frequent meetings they had in the previous period, drew up the road map for the management of the pandemic. vaccination program, however as he mentioned speaking toREPORTERthe member of the CEE, Petros Karagiannis, the only measure that could be accepted is the use of a protective mask, especially by people who belong to the vulnerable groups. 

The epidemiological picture in our country, according to Mr. Karagiannis, will change in the coming months, in anticipation of a further increase in the number of cases, which will occur in people who have lost their immunity. Specifically, as he said, “as observed by the hospitals, these are people who were vaccinated last November and did not proceed with a new vaccination with a booster dose. Also, resistance has been observed in nursing homes and in closed structures, for this reason, as the minister also mentioned, they will inform about the necessity of vaccination in an effort to shield these people”.

In addition, Mr. Karagiannis he explained that some countries are already at the peak of this outbreak which is also expected in Cyprus, but it will not reach the levels of the previous waves, which had infected a large percentage of the population in the last six months. 

At the same time, regarding the subordinates, he noted that it is not something that causes concern at this stage, given that hospitalizations in public hospitals have not been affected so far. “When the health system begins to be affected, then the data will be different. It is something that we will examine in the coming weeks and act accordingly. Nevertheless, even if hospitalizations increase, I do not see any necessity for strict measures beyond self-protection measures or the use of the protective mask”, he noted. 

The Ministry aims to promote the vaccination program 

The Ministry of Health,  is focused both on further promoting the vaccination program to people belonging to the vulnerable population groups, as well as on educating the public about self-protection measures, which, as mentioned by the communication consultant of the Ministry of Health, Konstantinos Athanasiou, have been forgotten during the summer months .

So far, what has priority, said Mr. Athanasiou, is to properly inform the citizens and this will be done with the assistance of the Personal Physicians. As he explained, “just as people are sensitized to receive the flu vaccine, we would like the same for the covid vaccine and for this we will ask for the help of doctors. At this stage there is no question of taking measures”.

It is recalled that, during the meeting, it was decided to focus on the promotion of vaccination for people over 60 years old and especially for people who are in closed structures and nursing homes, with the Ministry of Health  to take action with the Vaccination Committee to promote vaccination, as well as to start the vaccination program in mountain communities.

At the same time it was agreed to send a newsletter to personal doctors regarding antiviral drugs, as well as informing patients over 60 and their vulnerable patients that they should be vaccinated with the 4th dose.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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