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Explanation of phases and regulations (matchday 20)

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 Επεξorγηση φσ&epsilon ;ων και κανονισμoν (20η αγωνιστικ or)

The KOP Refereeing Department analyzes and explains phases from the Cyta Championship matches for a better understanding of the decisions of the referees and VAR, the application of the refereeing regulations and the VAR protocol.

From each matchday, some phases are selected concerning cases in which, rightly or wrongly, there was or was not intervention by the VAR in relation to the decisions of the referees, based on the VAR protocol.

For the 20th matchday the following phases have been selected:

AEZ – OMONIA 12th minute

Referee's initial decisionor: Hand by attacking footballer

VAR: Confirmation of the Referee's decision

Explanation:Correct assessment of the incident in the remedial area. Aggressive soccer player plays the ball with his hand. Reminder to the Referees, that in incidents like this the VAR protocol should be strictly applied and they should delay blowing the whistle until they know the result of this action and the end of the phase.

VIDEO AEZ – OMONIA 12th minute

AEL – ETHNIKOS 22nd minute

Referee's initial decision : Penalty

VAR: Confirmation of the Referee's decision

Explanation: An attacking footballer plays the ball first and the opposing goalkeeper marks him late. The Referee had a very good position as a result of which he made the right decision for a penalty.

VIDEO AEL – ETHNIKOS 22nd minute

AEL – ETHNIKOS 48th minute

Referee's initial decision: Continues the match

VAR: Confirmation of the Referee's decision

Explanation: Football player in his attempt to play the ball, dangerously marks an opposing football player. The point of contact was high on the leg with the plugs but the contact was made sliding on the opponent's leg. Therefore, the Referee should stop the game and punish the footballer with a yellow card.

VIDEO AEL – NATIONAL 48th minute

AEL – NATIONAL 72nd minute

Referee's initial decision: Yellow card – risky marking

VAR: Proposes the Referee to review the phase

Referee's decision after reviewing the phase : Red Card – Serious Risky Marking

Explanation:A medium-intensity marking is done, with the contact point being high on the opponent's leg and the contact being to a large extent (full contact) with the plugs. The VAR correctly suggests to the Referee a review of the phase and the Referee's final decision for a red card after the review is correct.

VIDEO AEL – NATIONAL 72nd minute

APOEL – OTHELOS 55th minute

Referee's initial decision: Offside – goal cancellation

VAR: Confirmation of Arbitrator's decision

Explanation: This is an example of good phase analysis by VAR. When the goal was disallowed the VAR should have found the moment the ball was played: 1. when the two attacking players were not in an offside position 2. when the ball rested on the attacker's shoulder and ended up in his team-mate, who scored the goal but he was in an offside position. Since the player who scored the goal was not covered by two opponents, the offside line was correctly placed on the ball. The process of analyzing the phase was done very correctly, as was also the communication between Referee – VAR – replay operator.


ARIS – ANORTHOSI 72nd minute

Referee's initial decision : Continues the match

VAR: Proposes the Referee to review the phase

Referee's decision after reviewing the phase : Immediate free kick (Referee's original decision – after the match has been stopped for a foul offence)

Explanation: The ball hits a defensive player's hand from close range. The defender's hand is close to his body, no additional movement is made, the defender tries to avoid contact with the ball and there is no evidence to award a penalty and there is no evidence to call the Referee to review the phase. The Referee correctly assessed the situation on the pitch and also correctly insisted on his original decision after reviewing the situation.


Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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