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EY: Investing in humans

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EY: Investing in humans

Without a doubt, designating a company as an “ideal workplace” is an honor, but also the ultimate goal and purpose of any business. Even in the age of high technology revolution, a constant value is the fact that human resources are the largest asset and at the same time the driving force of any company.

The good news is that more and more companies are realizing the key position held by the human factor and investing in it. The specialization of executives in the field of Human Resource Development (Human Resource Management) has helped in this direction in recent years.

The basic premise is that when the work environment is good, the employee becomes more efficient. At the same time, a good work environment is an attraction for talented and promising young job seekers. Of course, the ideal working environment does not happen overnight, but it is built through the daily lives of employees in this area. There are many elements that make up a good workplace. The existence of a proper structure in the company with clear prospects for the development of employees, the provision of incentives for their continuous improvement and training and the ability to participate in decision-making are important incentives. The meritocracy and respect with which each employee must be treated individually as a human being and not just as a number must be taken for granted. All staff up to the leadership pyramid should inspire with their professionalism, courtesy and at the same time their human face. Relationships of trust and cooperation between employees and management staff are developed and cultivated daily. The forging of team spirit and camaraderie is also reflected in the degree of pride that employees feel for the organization in which they work. Our motto and at the same time our belief in EV is that whenever one becomes a member of our family, as long as one stays, the unique experience of EY lasts for a lifetime! This is why EY was named the world's most attractive professional employer for the fourth year in a row, according to Universum's annual ranking in the “World's Most Attractive Employers” category.

The year 2020 was a turning point for the evolution of many organizations and companies. The arrival of the pandemic, in an already unstable globalized business environment with the main characteristics of intense competitiveness and increased demands, was the trigger for the search for new methods of employment of staff in companies. The outbreak of the pandemic could not leave EV unaffected. Having as a top priority the preservation of the health of the employees but at the same time taking into account the insurmountable need for survival and development, the Company quickly adapted to the new data. Despite the difficulties and challenges in the unprecedented conditions and uncharted waters of the pandemic, EV was actually able not only to adapt but also to grow by attracting new employees. Using pre-existing infrastructure and rapidly evolving technology, it has successfully adopted an innovative teleworking model with a human-centered approach where employee feedback has been used as the primary way of guiding the new way of working. This experience gained during the pandemic can be a useful springboard for a more efficient, humane and at the same time technologically advanced service in the near future!



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By Maria Sergiou

Head of Human Resources, EV Cyprus

Source: www.philenews.com

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