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FA Terminal: With staff brought by the company from China, the work will continue

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ΤερματικΦΑ : Με προσωπικo που θα φΕρει η εται ρ ε ; εργασiες

By Alexia Kafetzis

This time the schedule must be implemented and the Vassiliko project should be completed in July, the Minister of Energy told ASTRA.< /strong>

The goal is to complete the works for the construction of the pier and other infrastructure.

Giorgos Papanastasiou said that yesterday's meeting with the Chinese CPP had a positive outcome and the company is immediately returning to the construction site in Vassiliko.

He also announced that next week there will be a video conference with the participation of all parties and the classifier, to explain the condition of the ship that will carry the liquefied natural gas and whether the government can receive it.

The Minister said that yesterday the company was saying that the ship is very close to getting certified, so this means that there are still some issues that need to be settled.

According to the dialogue, he also added that a a group that will be helpful for DEFA and ETYFA, and also another group from the government side that will monitor the progress of the work.

When asked about this, the Minister said that yesterday's meeting did not touch on issues of financial disputes related to the contractual obligations of the two parties, since they are examined by the Arbitration Court in London.

He added that they focused on the weaknesses that existed in technical issues and reached a settlement for the management of the project.

Mr. Papanastasiou also said that the company wants to have full control of the project and these works will continue with personnel brought to Cyprus by CPP from China.

For the fastest possible arrival of the personnel, an attempt will be made to speed up the issuance of visas for approximately 120 Chinese technicians.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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