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Faidonas attributes responsibilities to the Refugee Committee: It is part of the problem of managing T / C property

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Faidonas attributes responsibilities to the Refugee Committee: It is part of the problem of managing T / C property

The Parliamentary Refugee Committee is ultimately part of the problem of the management of Turkish Cypriot property and not a factor in resolving it, the Mayor of Paphos said in today's announcement, after the Commission's episodic visit to Mouttalos.

“Today's visit”, he emphasizes, “of the Refugee Committee of the Parliament in Paphos ended in a resounding failure. “Unfortunately, my warnings to both the President of the Commission and the public have been verified.”

“It is very clear,” he said, “that for political purposes aimed at maintaining customer relations with a small number of refugees, the Commission is ready to sacrifice everything, as long as temporary micropolitical and clientelistic interests are served.”

“Today”, he continues, “it was confirmed in the strongest way that the Refugee Committee of the Parliament, unfortunately, is part and not the solution of the problem in the management of Turkish Cypriot property. Captives of a timeless policy and anachronistic practice that fosters or tolerates illegal uses, leases and subleases, looting of property through opaque and corrupt procedures, resulting in the unequal treatment of thousands of refugees in favor of a few privileged and privileged management of such a big and important issue for our country “.

“With the non-exercise,” he says, of “substantial parliamentary control, thousands of refugees are still left without any C / C property, while some other refugees and non-refugees continue to own and settle hundreds of acres of land or even quite substantially each ».

“For someone,” he adds, “who can grasp the substance, today's fiasco has been the normal outcome of the Commission's actions and omissions in recent years. Without being interested in the substance and listening fairly to the different views (which was the case at last Tuesday's session) and organizing a show reminiscent of a people's court, she encouraged with her tolerance people who illegally owned T / C premises or intervened illegally. in t / c properties to shout and ugly. The result was to cause quarrels and minor clashes, a fact that forced the Police to force the dispersal of the gathering due to the violation of the restrictive measures for the pandemic “.

“It is really frustrating,” he concludes, “for citizens to find that parliamentary oversight bodies are fostering and nurturing populism for the sake of a few dozen votes, in effect undermining the Paphos Municipality's difficult task of removing unjust and distortions that have been going on in our city for decades “.

The visit of the Parliamentary Refugee Committee to Moutallos ended with quarrels and provocations

Source: politis.com.cy

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