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Famagusta: We are not at a critical crossroads, but at the end of the road

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Dialogue should be restarted as soon as possible

Αμμoχωστος: Δεν εiμαστε σε κρ σιμο σταυροδρoμι, αλλa στο τeλος της διαδρομorς

of Giorgos Mavroudis
Former president of EBE Famagusta

Forty-nine years away from reigning. Almost half a century since that day, when Attila set foot on the soil of our city. When we left our land taking the bare necessities for our survival. Refuge, uprooting, bitterness and disappointment. But also anger at the big words, cheap promises and missed opportunities.

This year's black anniversary of the occupation of Famagusta is approaching with even more negative data on the ground. Every day we hear about new hotels, reservations, marinas and about tourist development of the enclosed city. Actions illegal and contrary to the spirit and letter of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions, 550 and 789.

Every piece of news and stabbing in the heart of every man and woman of Varosi who have been living for almost half a century with the desire to return. People who experienced Famagusta in a different way, saw it flourish and create, being a model of development and cooperation.

The fact that we are at five, not only in the matter of Famagusta but in the Cyprus issue in general, is more than obvious. And it certainly does not concern only Famagusta residents but all Cypriots. It may sound cliché now, but zero hour is now. We are not just at a critical crossroads, we are at the end of the road.

The invocation of resolutions and annual condemnations are not enough to overturn the occupying facts. Only through the diplomatic route and negotiations can the Cyprus issue return to a resolution trajectory. The dialogue must be restarted as soon as possible. For a solution within the parameters of the UN and the agreed framework of the ILO. With realism, away from slogans, emotional outbursts and big words.

To revive hope again. We have had deadlocks and dry spells in negotiations in the past, but the facts and psychology were changing rapidly through targeted initiatives. It is enough that there is political will and will.

In this context, despite the fact that the Cyprus issue is managed by the executive power, it is nevertheless an issue that concerns all of us. Occupied municipalities, bodies, organizations and organized groups, have a reason, a role but also a responsibility to exert constructive and substantial pressure on the executive power to restart the negotiations. As well as claiming more for the support of the refugee world, which for 49 years has been suffering the consequences of the invasion, shouldering the loss of property but also the cost of loss of use.

Especially among the people of Warsaw, justifiably so. there is great resentment about what has been said at times and about what promises have not been fulfilled. Whether it concerns matters of property, support for refugees, or the issue of Famagusta and the enclosed city in general.

Forty-nine years later, Famagusta remains a sight of shame for humanity. A picture that breaks hearts. An ongoing war crime. Living testimony of the tragedy of the occupation, but also of lost opportunities. But it is our Ithaca. A city of vision, a city of symbol. We want to live there again and create under safe conditions.

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Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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