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Faye Scordas about her obsessive fan: “For years now he thinks we're in a relationship, it's dangerous”

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    Η ΦαΙη Σκορδγι&alpha ; τον εμμονικo θαυμαστor της: «Χρ νια τoρα πιστεyει ;λναι επικλνδυνο»

    Incredible revelation on her show

    In an incredible revelation on her show, at noon on Tuesday, February 27 Fay Skorda, on the occasion of the statements made by Dafni Karavokyri about the obscene photos she receives on her social media.

    The presenter of the show commented on the revelations of the well-known journalist, with Fai Scordas toshe confessed an experience of her own.

    Initially, Angelos Vourakis said: “You can, if you find him, take protective measures against him, limit him from sending you… Trava was going around… This is the chaos behind all of this and behind the internet”.

    For her part, Fai Skorda added: >”Or let him continue the sad life he lives with his pics. Because everything will be sad, for him to get to the point of sending a stranger a pic, you have to be sad too and the pics.”

    Finally, he added about an obsessive fan he has: “There's been a guy here for years who thinks we're in a relationship. It's dangerous.”

    Watch the clip at the 18th minute:

    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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