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FBI: Warns of Islamic State Terror Attacks During Pride Month

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FBI: Προειδοπο&iota ;εΙ γιατροκρατικιθισ τολκοτονμυ&pi ;ερηφανειας

Pride events will take place at a time when extremist incidents against LGBTI+ people are on the rise – US authorities urge participants and organizers not to be complacent

Ring the bell of danger is sounded by the FBI as well as the Department of Interior and Security of the USA pointing out that the Islamic State (ISIS) is planning to launch terrorist attacks during events to be held during Pride Month, in June.

AsExpress newspaper reports, in three weeks when the events in honor of the LGBTQI+ community will begin, foreign terrorist organizations will probably strike at places where the celebration of the transgender community will be held.

Pride Month, which celebrates and honors the LGBTQ+ community in the United States, takes place every year in June.

However, this year's celebrations will take place at a time of heightened fear of anti-transgender hate amid rising incidents of extremism not only in the US but globally.

Warning of the FBI for violent acts

The FBI as well as the US Department of Homeland Securityissued the specific warning last Friday highlighting that foreign terrorist organizations or their supporters, such as ISIS, may seek to take advantage of upcoming LGBTI+ community pride events to “commit acts of violence.”

As they point out, they have in their hands many possible indications of a terrorist attack next month, writes the Express newspaper.

These include violent online threats, some followers “photographing” event security staff and asking for information about the transgender festival such as the number of participants, but without any logical explanation.

< p>The instructions of the authorities

American authorities call on the participants and organizers of Pride Month events not to be complacent. That is, to be constantly on the lookout as foreign terrorists may attempt to bypass security indoors or outdoors and even impersonate the police.

In addition, they advise American citizens as well as those participating in the festivities for the LGBTI+ community to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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