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Female non-commissioned officers outside the Presidential Office – “The Ministry of Defense proposal is offensive”

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Relatives and friends of female non-commissioned officers of the National Guard staged a new protest on Sunday outside the Presidential Palace, for the unacceptable, as they describe, proposals submitted by the Ministry of Defense to what concerns the restoration of the injustice they suffer due to gender.

During their event, as stated in a statement they sent to the media together with the resolution and which is signed by the relatives and friends of the non-commissioned officers, they handed over a resolution to the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

Then, as part of an event outside from the offices of the DISY, they also delivered the resolution to the President of the party and candidate for President of the Republic of Cyprus, Averof Neophytou.

Through the resolution, the protestors describe the proposal of the Ministry of Defense as “offensive”, while expressing their determination to continue their protests in a more dynamic way, until the injustice is fully redressed.

More specifically, they state, the The Ministry of Defense proposed a salary increase of €70 as a counterproposal to their requests, for their professional advancement, on the basis of equality with their male colleagues.

They add that the Ministry of the Interior “did not bring any proposal for them considering that they have not suffered any damage from gender discrimination, at the time the female NCOs of the 8th series were made permanent at 14 years of service and this resulted in the vote in interim (2012) legislation, on the basis of which they have lost all their benefits, which all the previous series got, such as occupational pension, lump sum, refund from social security and the moment they did not receive any promotion until now”.

They emphasize that they do not accept the proposal of the Ministry of Defense and reject it “as completely unacceptable and as not responding to the enormous damage” they have suffered from gender discrimination, both in relation to their access to permanent jobs and their professional progression.

“For the enormous damage suffered by female NCOs, from gender discrimination, the Ministry of Defense without a trace of shame offered them the paltry sum of €70. What we are saying to them through today's protest event is 'Shame on you'. The female NCOs are women with dignity and did not ask for any mercy,” they state in their resolution.

They call on the state to restore the enormous consequences that have come to them as a result of gender discrimination, both in in relation to their access to permanent jobs, as well as their professional advancement.

They emphasize that they will no longer tolerate the “mockery, taunting and unacceptable attitude of the Minister of Defense”, noting that they demand the &nbsp ; immediate resolution of the whole issue.

They called on the President of the Republic of Cyprus to intervene personally for the immediate restoration of the negative consequences, which came to the female NCOs, on the basis of their counter-proposals, which constitute their final retreat, in order to resolve their entire issue and which were formed in such a way as not to create a direct and substantial burden on the state budget.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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