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Fever of consultations for a week for the Presidency of the Parliament-The data so far

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Fever of consultations for a week for the Presidency of the Parliament-The data so far

New announcements of candidacies for the Presidency of the Parliament, as well as consultations between the parties on the issue are expected from the beginning of next week.

At the same time, the announcement of the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou by DISY, which will be fully supported by the party, seems to clarify the landscape, as far as the 17 votes of the largest parliamentary party are concerned.

DISY has proposed a very good candidacy and expects other forces to support it, said on Saturday the former MP and member of the Politburo of the party Xenia Konstantinou, on behalf of the President of DISY.

Answering questions on the issue of the Presidency of the Parliament on the sidelines of DISY's activity for the World Environment Day, Ms. Konstantinou stated that the party had stated from the beginning that it would not enter into a compromise on the issue and would not make compromises which at the end of the day they alienate citizens from politics.

“We have essentially proposed an option based on meritocratic criteria. “We have proposed the selection of a colleague who has proved her worth, who, despite her young age, has shown seriousness, diligence and, above all, a mature and structured political discourse,” he said.

He added that DISY's proposal is not only addressed to the political forces, it is also a message to the wider society, “regarding how we should do politics, how we should put young people forward and especially breaking the stereotypes, and proposing a female candidacy this time. “

He wished all political forces to recognize this proposal and of course to support it cross-party. At the same time, he said that DISY will proceed with this candidacy until the end of the process of electing the Speaker of Parliament.

Asked what will happen in the event that the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou is not finally supported, she said that everyone should be judged in this case, based on the choices they will make.

However, none of the other parties has yet expressed its intention to support the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou.

AKEL seems to reject any candidacy from DISY.

The Central Committee of AKEL meets on Saturday from 9:30 in the morning, analyzing the election result, while it is expected that the session will also address the issue of the Presidency of the Parliament.

The final decisions of AKEL, however, for the candidacy that will be supported with the 15 votes of the MPs of the party, are expected to be taken at the beginning of next week, after there will be consultations with parties.

The final decision of DIKO on the issue of the Presidency of the Parliament is expected to be announced on Monday. As DIKO Spokesman Pavlos Mylonas stated in KYPE, the final decision for the Presidency of the Parliament will be taken on Monday at the joint session of the Executive Office and the Secretariat.

DIKO, as he mentioned, has as its priority the candidacy of the President of the party Nikolas Papadopoulos.

However, in order to win the Presidency of the Parliament, DIKO will have to make those collaborations that will give it at least 9 more votes in addition to the 9 of its own MPs, in order to overcome in the third ballot Annita Dimitriou who will be supported by DISY .

The parties ELAM, EDEK and Democratic Party have 4 votes each.

ELAM has already announced that in the first session of the House of Representatives, it will claim the Presidency of the Parliament with the Candidate the President of ELAM, Christos Christou, however the support of this candidacy has been excluded by most of the other parties.

EDEK is waiting for the decisions and announcements of the other parties, in order to convene its collective bodies for a decision, without excluding the candidacy of the President of EDEK Marinos Sizopoulos.

As announced by the Politburo of EDEK that met last Thursday, “the final stance of EDEK for the position of Speaker of Parliament will be determined based on the principles of the party in the interest of the homeland and the people.”

In addition, as stated in a statement of the Movement, the person who will be elected to the post of Speaker of Parliament must meet specific criteria, ie based on his political background and skills, his honesty and morals, the ability to manage serious parliamentary issues and his experience.

A press release of the party adds that EDEK, based on the above, does not intend to engage in transaction bazaars to serve expediencies.

The announcements of the other parties are also awaited by the Democratic Party for taking its final decision for the Presidency of the Parliament, however, sources state that there is interest from the President of the party Mario Karoyan for claiming the Presidency.

Finally, the Movement of Ecologists – Citizens' Cooperation, which has three votes in the process, announced that it will claim the Presidency of the Parliament with the President of the Movement, Charalambos Theopemptou.

However, it is taken for granted that the Movement will consult with other parties – apart from ELAM and EDEK as it has already announced – to know whether it will secure support in the first ballot and if not how it will proceed in the second and third ballots.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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