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Fight in AKEL for a seat in Kyrenia – Who is claiming a place on the ballot

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Fight in AKEL for a seat in Kyrenia - Who is claiming a place on the ballot

Internal party elections to occupy the three seats on the Kyrenia ballot will be held tomorrow at AKEL.

The three positions are claimed by a total of 5 candidates and ballot boxes will be set up throughout Cyprus to cover all party officials with the right to vote in the occupied city.

The following 5 candidates are vying for the 3 positions:

  1. Eleni Mavrou – current Member of Parliament for Kyrenia.
  2. Christos Christofias.
  3. Andreas Savva-Mouzouros.
  4. Pampos Papageorgiou-former MP of Kyrenia.
  5. Heimonidis Andreas.

Although Eleni Mavrou is considered a given by many, the big question arises whether the two young candidates Christofias and Andreas Savvas will manage to enter the top three. Both have just turned 30 and are considered the executives of the new generation of the Party.

Christos Christofias, of course, is well known because of Dimitris Christofias and for his actions in EDON. The main base is Dikomo, where it originates from.

The young lawyer Andreas Savva-Mouzouros works as a lawyer in Limassol, originally from Lapithos.

Of course, Mr. Papageorgiou and Mr. Heimonidis are also very remarkable executives, which is why the election game is open for everyone tomorrow as well.

Source: politis.com.cy

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