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Finally the queues for payments to the TKA

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Finally the queues for payments to the TKA

From this month, the electronic payment of all contributions to the Social Insurance Fund becomes mandatory, through the SISnet system, a development that will put an end to the suffering of citizens and queues outside the provincial offices of the Social Security Services and at the same time will offer savings. 2.6 million per year. SISnet was presented yesterday, in the context of a press conference by the Minister of Labor Zeta Aimilianidou and the Deputy Minister of Innovation Kyriakos Kokkinos and will be available to all interested companies and self-employed from today. Its use will become mandatory from the 25th of the month.

Through the new system, anyone interested can pay their contributions to Social Security Services online, from home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The payment of the contributions can be done both by using a debit or credit card, as well as by the method of Automatic Debit (Direct Debit). More information about SISnet can be found at www.sisweb.mlsi.gov.cy.

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At the same time, the Social Security Services have posted relevant information on their own website, as well as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of their employees for further assistance to users. It turns out, however, that the system is very user friendly. The registration in “SISnet” will be done only electronically, without the need, as now, the submission of any application or the transition to KEP to secure codes, since they will be given automatically. Furthermore, by filling in the details and registering, the system will automatically calculate the contributions to be paid, while the user will be able to print a payment confirmation. There are also other services and possibilities for service, such as printing and updating the transaction history and the possibility for companies that have a payroll program to upload their earnings and contribution statements via TXT or XML file.

Savings and other benefits

The Minister of Labor stated yesterday that, in a second phase, scheduled for the end of February 2021, the possibility of paying overdue debts will be given, which will minimize or eliminate the need to visit the Social Insurance Funds. According to her, it was estimated that with the abolition of the funds, there will be savings of 2.6 million euros per year, while 51 ministry officials, working in the provincial offices, will be able to staff other departments. The goal of the government and its ministry, said Ms. Aimilianidou, is the utilization of all modern tools of technology for the best, most direct and most complete service of every employee, every employer and every citizen, noting that in this context it is promoted. and the creation of a web portal for the enforcement of all applications under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor. On the same subject, Mr. Kokkinos said that his ministry is already working on online applications and the payment of basic benefits, such as the EU, unemployment, sickness and child benefits, a development which he placed around the end of the first half.

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