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Fire in Attica – Water drops started dropping water – In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

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Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

The situation with the fiery flame in Attica is very difficult, with houses burning as well as huge areas. The residents lived another night of hell with evacuations of houses, while the flames crossed the highway.

The hopes are turned to the air means, which according to the fire brigade started operating. 450 firefighters with 40 groups of pedestrians, 150 vehicles, the OLYMPUS Mobile Operations Center, 3 E / P and 7A / F are fighting the flames.

Assistance is provided by 40 firefighters from Cyprus, the Hellenic Army with infantry units, the Hellenic Police, volunteer firefighters as well as water tankers and OTA project machinery.

The images from the fire zones of kilometers that swallow everything in their path are shocking. The fire is burning in a clear forest where ground forces cannot approach, with the forecast for strong winds of 7 and 8 Beaufort causing great concern for the development of fires.

The main fronts of the fire according to the fire brigade are focused on Kryoneri and Afidnes.

In Kryoneri, the front erupts in the direction of the aqueduct, according to ERT, with the residents worried about any water supply problems that will complicate the firefighting work.

Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

The fire on the highway again

During the night, the fire reached the outskirts of the square, but also in Drosopigi, while it also entered the Hippocratic State. At dawn, the fire crossed the National Road again, and is directed towards Agios Stefanos and Kapandriti, where military forces open a fire zone, as houses are threatened.

Dense smoke has covered the tolls of Afidnes, while now there is a large front on the side of the highway.

In fact, a large factory has caught fire at the height of the tolls, while other units have already been destroyed.

Early in the morning, an evacuation order was given for Kalentzi, in Marathon, while the areas of Kryoneri, Kokkinovrachos and Afidnes were already evacuated.

Explosions in a car yard

A car park has also caught fire, with explosions from the fuel in the tanks.

The images from the spot are shocking, with hundreds of cars surrendering to the flames, one after the other.

Desperate situation in Afidnes

The situation in Afidnes is desperate, where the front of the fire has surrounded the village. The president of the community of Afidnes, Andreas Theodorakopoulos, noted that “there is a front that has crowned the whole village, which should be 6-7 km. There are two fronts in Ippokratio Politia, which have burned houses and businesses. “A fire has also caught fire with old tires that have raised black smoke and I do not know what capacity the aircraft will have to fly”, said Mr. Theodorakopoulos.

“All the citizens are gone. Land forces are operating, but we want more power. It starts from Drosopigi and reaches Afidnes the front “, he added.

“During the night there was no recession in the phenomenon. This worries me a lot “, said Mr. Theodorakopoulos, while he also mentioned cases of citizens who did not want to leave.

According to the mayor of Oropos, George Giasimakis, the situation in Afidnes is “very difficult”.

“The fire is all around and has started and is burning right next to the houses of the village. A light breeze prevails at the spot. The fire is directed from Petsouli to Parnitha “, said the mayor to Sky, adding characteristically:” Please do not start the wind before the air means fly. Many houses in the area have been burned. All night the forces of the Municipality, the firefighters and volunteers are fighting. “No one has left to keep the fire low.”

Thriller night

The northeastern regions of Attica spent another night of terror, with the fronts of the fire sweeping Afidnes and Ippokratio Politia, crossing the National Road and literally continuing their fiery gallop towards Agios Stefanos and Dionysos. People are unable to react and firefighters are unable to stop the blaze.

The main front of the fire moved from late Thursday night towards Hippocratic State, while the resurgences were continuous in the wider area.

Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

From the front of northern Attica, the images sent by the journalist of in.gr, Dimitris Perros are nightmarish

Unfortunately, the pedestrian sections did not manage to stop the course of the fire, as a result of which the fire fronts joined on both sides of the National Road.

Traffic stop on the National Road

Previously, in fact, the traffic on the National Road from Kifissia to Inofyta was stopped. Due to the new situation in the area, the police stopped the traffic of vehicles at the junction of Agios Stefanos, in the flow of traffic to Lamia and police officers removed the cars from the side road

Also, the traffic was stopped on Ippokratous Street, from the height of the “Lakkaginis” store in Kiourka, downstream to Ippokratio Politia.

Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

Shortly after 23.00 yesterday, Thursday, an urgent notice was sent to those who are in Polydendri, Kapandriti, Taxiarches, Ag. Georgios or Pourithi to close all the chimneys, windows, doors so that the heat does not penetrate inside the houses.

Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

If you are in the Settlement of Pefkofytos or the Settlement of Pontians in the area of Agios Stefanos, evacuate now to Athens via N.E.O. Athens-Lamia “wrote a message of 112 that was promoted at midnight.

Previously, in the area of Agios Stefanos and according to a notice sent to the mobile phones of the residents of the area, they were called to close the chimneys, the windows and the doors.

Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

“The fire in Kapandriti”

“The fire passed from Afidnes opposite Kapandriti. As a precaution, in order to be ready, Kapandriti, Polydendri and Agios Stefanos will be evacuated so that we are ready not to have problems “, said Mr. Patoulis speaking to MEGA.

“Human lives are paramount, we are fighting a great battle,” he added.

An alarm was also sounded in Dionysos where, according to the mayor Giannis Kalafatelis, “the firefighters are fighting hand to hand with the fire”.

The statements of the mayor Dionysos:

“The goal is to preserve human life and property. It is a difficult night, we are waiting for the light of day to fall for the air means to operate “, added the mayor Dionysos.

They left behind their possessions

With suitcases and a few things in their hands, the residents of Afidnes were forced to leave behind their property as the fire spread with great speed in the western area next to the National Road.

They took their animals with them, in order to save them from the catastrophic fire and headed to Agios Stefanos.

Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

The situation at the spot was suffocating, as on the National Road, where the flames passed, it was literally “raining fire”.

The flames continued to burn whatever they found in their path. The fiery front was moving uncontrollably as the flames, having passed through Drosopigi and Kryoneri, threatened Afidnes.

“The situation is out of control and tragic. The fire has circulated the village of Afidnes “, said, speaking to MEGA, the mayor of Oropos, George Giasimakis.

Houses are burning in Afidnes – Watch the video:

“We have been asking for firefighters and water tankers for an hour now. The fire will burn the village of Afidnes. “We have evacuated the villages,” he stressed.

“Help the Aphidnes, they are burning”

Earlier, the president of the community of Afidnes, Andreas Theodorakopoulos, addressed a dramatic appeal to the fire brigade to send fire brigades.

Fire in Attica - Water drops started dropping water - In Afidnes and Kryoneri the main fronts

The fire threat within breathing distance of beehives in Kapandriti (photo SOOC)

“The fire has passed the National, the fire has started and is entering the village and there is no fire brigade at the moment. “We are a fortified village,” he told MEGA.

“Certainly homes and businesses are threatened,” he added. He also explained that the fire is on the side of Kapandriti and, as he said, “it comes to Kapandriti, but it also goes to Agios Stefanos”.

The statements of the president of the community of Afidnes:

“Help the Aphidnes, they are burning,” he stressed.

Source: politis.com.cy

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