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Firewood prices are “uglier” – Up to imprisonment for illegals (VIDEO)

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Citizens slowly began to procure their own firewood. Protoselidos hosted the Press Representative of the Department of Forestry, Giorgos Constantinou, who spoke about the prices of wood and also about the penalties that can be imposed on illegals.

He initially stated that cheap wood is a solution for citizens. "As the Department of Forestry, we are responsible for the management and sale of firewood".
He emphasized that licensed firewood dealers sell wood after relevant approval. "On our website we have about 350 people who trade in firewood".

He added that when someone is found selling firewood without a license, they can be fined up to 5,000 euros or even a year in prison. "We urge people when they spot illegalities to immediately contact the Forestry Department and the Police".

He pointed out that they themselves carry out patrols and check vehicles. "Citizens must have proof that they bought it from a legitimate firewood dealer".

Talking about the prices, he said that the Forestry Department did not impose any increase. "The prices start at 60 euros and there is the mixed wood which amounts to 80 euros. At the bazaar, they are sold more expensively than last year.

He also mentioned that there are timber inspectors and they have the right to go to inspect properties.



Source: www.sigmalive.com

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