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First in salary prosecutor and… “highest” – Fourth the President

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Many speeds, in some cases unexplained or even unorthodox, in the absence of salary scales that would be a compass, are the annual earnings but also what the 192 state officials who will be paid in 2020 by the state will eventually put in their pockets. payroll and are included in the bill and the accompanying documents of the State Budget for the next year.

As it turns out, the annual earnings range from 42,697 euros (the same amount for MPs and religious representatives) to 126,237 euros for the Attorney General and the judges of the Supreme Court. However, when the reading is made on the basis of the gross annual salary in relation to the net (how much they finally receive after adding the index, the various allowances, and deducting cuts and income tax) the scene changes, so that the PSC members move to the last position, “cleaning” 40,403 euros, while the deputies 51,813 euros.

At this point it is emphasized that what the MPs clearly receive, who over the years to increase their salaries also added a secretarial service allowance (and has been in consultation with the Ministry of Finance for years to enter the scale), does not include the allowance travel 6,970 thousand per year. At the same time, for many officials, as well as senior civil servants, there are other sources of income, hidden behind the liability allowance, telephone, foreign allowance, travel allowances, etc., which, of course, are only nominal allowances. for specific purposes, since they are paid as an integral or additional part of their basic earnings, without in many cases evidence and control.

Judicial first

As further shown by the data of the General Accounting Office included in the accompanying budget documents, despite the fact that the gross annual salary of the President of the Republic remains the highest among the officials paid by the state payroll, however in terms of the amount fourth in a row, with a difference of 15 thousand euros from the attorney general, the president and judges of the Supreme Court, who occupy the first positions.

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The reason concerns the cuts, most of them memorandum, which continue for the salary of the President (40 thousand in 2020) and the other officials, but not for the judges and the yen. prosecutor (cuts just 8,286 euros). It is recalled that the judges, who as an independent authority were exempted from all the memorandum measures, stopped their own voluntary contribution of 20% from January 2017, while they normally received their surcharges from the fixed fund. The cuts that were initially imposed by law on the monthly salaries of judges, for which there was a great debate and arose against the Parliament, were judged, on 16/6/2013, by the Supreme Court, a body of the affected persons who will be summoned. to rule now on civil servants, that they violate Article 158.3 of the Constitution.

The ministers

Meanwhile, the political heads of ministries, ie the ministers, with so many responsibilities and obligations, not only do not belong to the category of those who exceed 70 thousand euros annual net earnings, but there is little left to fall from the category of those officials who receive less from 60 thousand euros. The Undersecretaries of Tourism and Shipping have exactly the same salary and benefits. It is worth mentioning, however, that ministers are paid less than their general managers, and even less than directors of large departments and the director of the Office of the President of the Republic.

The commissioners

According to the payroll that accompanies the budget, the new Commissioner for Children and the new Commissioner for Legislation appear with equal pay for these ministers (with a gross annual salary of 76,570 euros, with a representation allowance of 20,503 euros and a net annual salary after deductions and income tax amounting to 62,247 euros) and those previously received by Ms. Koursoumba.

As “P” wrote again, the inequality of payroll between commissioners and the allowances they receive continues: Some with a Performance allowance (also varies, others 18 thousand, others 20 thousand per year) and others with Hospitality (some 2,040 euros, others EUR 5,100). In particular, the Commissioners of Administration and Health Supervision appear as the best paid (with a gross annual salary and Performance allowance of 123,880 euros similar to gd), however the Health cleans 76,115 euros per year while the Administration 70,258, as its annual . This is followed by the next Personal Data (with 103 thousand and 64,880 euros respectively) while the Commissioners for the Presidency, Environment and Equality are paid the same (90,300 euros and 56,520 euros respectively). The head of the Mountain Communities is paid the symbolic amount of 5,040 euros per year (4,920 net). Finally, it is stated that the Volunteer Commissioner does not appear in the relevant payroll of officials, however in the budget bill he appears to be paid as much as the Commissioners for Equality, Presidency and Environment.


The manner of determining the salaries of the chairman and the members of the Public Service Committee, in relation to that of the chairman and members of the Education Service Committee, is also questionable. How was it estimated that the annual earnings of the president of EDY would amount to 104,206 euros and that of the president of EVY to 98,325 euros? How does this difference of 5,881 (corresponding to the members of the two committees) come about? The same questions are asked of various other committees and review bodies, always depending on the work they perform and the responsibilities they assume.

Source: politis.com.cy

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