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First Israel in vaccinations worldwide – What is the position of Cyprus?

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First Israel in vaccinations worldwide - What is the position of Cyprus?

More than 890 million doses of coronavirus vaccine have now been administered worldwide (890,079,619), equivalent to 12 doses per 100 inhabitants of the Earth. Despite the progress, however, there are large variations from country to country in vaccination programs, as there are countries – mainly African – that have not yet given their citizens a single dose.

Among the continents the most advanced is North America (39 doses per 100 inhabitants) followed by Europe (24 doses per 100 people), South America (14 per 100), Asia (8.7 per 100), Oceania (3.8 per 100) and lastly Africa (only 1.1 doses per 100 inhabitants).

83% of the installments have been made in high and middle income countries, while only 0.2% (two in a thousand installments) have been made in low income countries. The poorest countries depend on the international Covax program, which aims to provide two billion doses by the end of 2021, but for now the lion's share of vaccines are directed to developed countries.

In proportion to the population of each country, Israel continues to be at the top of the world rankings – thanks to the special type agreement it had from the beginning with Pfizer – having made a total of 10.31 million doses or 116 doses per 100 inhabitants and having been vaccinated about 60% of its population in a single dose, while 56% in two doses.

In second place are the small Seychelles, also with 116 doses per 100 people and with vaccination coverage of their population at a rate of 68% with one dose and 47% with two doses. The top ten is completed by the United Arab Emirates, Chile, Bahrain, Bhutan, Britain, San Marino, the United States and the Maldives.

Britain has made 63 doses per 100 inhabitants (42.11 million doses in total) covering 49% of its population in one dose and 14% in two doses. The US has made 62 doses per 100 inhabitants (a total of 205.87 million, more than any other country), covering 39% of its population in one dose and 25% in two doses.

Of the EU countries, the most advanced is Malta with 56 installments per 100 inhabitants (a total of 269,763 installments) and covering 39% and 17% of its population with one and two installments respectively. It is followed by Hungary with 47 installments / 100 inhabitants (total 4.64 million) and coverage of 33% of the population with one installment and 14% with two.

Greece and Cyprus

Greece has made a total of 2,491,857 installments (until the evening of April 17), of which 1,721,660 concern the first installment and 770,197 the second, with the coverage rate of the Greek population amounting to approximately 16% for the first dose and at 7.2% for both doses.

In the relevant world ranking, Greece is in 42nd place and appears – in proportion to its population – to have given the same doses (23 per 100 inhabitants) as the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden, while it is ahead in relation to countries such as the Netherlands. , Poland, Romania, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil etc.

Cyprus has made 17 installments per 100 inhabitants (a total of 202,441), having covered 12% of its population with one installment and 4.8% with two. Turkey has made 24 installments per 100 inhabitants (total 19.94 million), having covered 15% of its population with one installment and 9.5% with two installments.

Vaccine countries are ranked by the New York Times, based on official government data from Oxford University's “Our World in Data” program.

Source: politis.com.cy

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