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Five for you, five for me and the ball in X

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Sol's goal frame, Ilias' hat-trick, but a share in the Arena!

Πέντε σου, πέντε μου και η μπλλια στο &Chi?

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Match at the “AEK Arena” between AEK and Ethniki with ten goals and ultimately no winner with great protagonists Fran Sol and Mario Ilias, with the Spaniard scoring four goals and the Cypriot ace three goals, with the match ending at 5- 5. AEK scored in the 90' ​​with Garcia, making it 6-5, but the goal was disallowed after the intervention of VAR for offside. So the game ended in a 5-5 draw with both teams sharing one point each, their first in the league.

First Half

< p>In the first half, Ethnikis entered the match stronger and scored two goals with the “good morning”. In the 2nd minute, Tomovic overturned Cabrera inside the area, the ref did not give a penalty, but the VAR called him to go and see the phase on the monitor and Antoniou changed his initial decision, awarding a penalty in favor of Ethniko. Marios Ilias took over the execution and in the 4th minute he made it 1-0 for the team.

AEK, shocked by the quick goal of Ethnikos in the next two minutes, conceded a second one. In the 6th minute after a corner, Ilias caught a nice finish and made it 2-0 for his team.

The Larnaca team was affected and almost conceded a third goal, with Ilia's shot in the 8th minute being blocked by Piric and Drazic's shot in the 11th minute going wide. At 15' Ethnikis threatened again, after a corner, Lomotei got a header, but the ball stopped on the crossbar and went out.

A minute later at 16', AEK managed to reach the reduction. , after Farage's cross, Sol made it 2-1 with a header.

And where AEK started to rise and regain possession inside the stadium, Ethnikis after a quick side-out made it 3-1, Ilias turned to Lipski and he beat Piric from close range.

AEK's reaction was immediate, as in the 26th they won a penalty, after a ball from Farage, De Iriodo fell with an open hand and found the ball. In the 27th minute, Sol executed well and reduced the score to 3-2 for AEK.

Three minutes later, Jose Luis Oltra's team equalized. In the 30th minute, Sanchez made the ball from the right, Triskovski sent the ball into the net with a header, making it 3-3.

Then the game was balanced with both teams looking for the goal. In the 42', Ethnikis scored again with Ilias after a corner, but there was an offensive foul on Mama and he did not count the goal.

Two minutes later AEK after a ball from the right of Faraz, Triskovski caught the header and sent the ball into the net, turning the game around and making it 4-3.

In stoppage time at 45+2', Ethnikos lost a huge chance with Cabrera from the side inside the area, to take the shot, but Piric kicked it for a corner.

A minute later, the Achnas team managed to reach the draw again with Ilias, who from close range with a free kick after a turn made it 4-4.

Thus the first half ended with the incredible score, 4-4.

Second half

In the second half with the “good morning” AEK reached 5-4, in the 47th minute Farage's shot from the right, Gourcho made the shot, but Markovic made a huge save.

The Oltra team continued to press and look for the goal. In the 50th minute, AEK missed a huge opportunity with Gyurtsos leaving alone from the left, wide of the goal, he made the play, but sent the ball wide, while Triskovski and Sol were next to him.

The Larnaca they continued to keep the ball and in the 58th minute they threatened with a good, long shot by Ledes, but the ball went wide.

Ethnikis in the second half pulled back quite a bit and it was clear that they just wanted to keep the draw, with Lopez putting more defensive-minded players on the pitch and only waiting for counter-attacks to threaten. As in the 71', Lomotei from close range failed to find the ball and a good chance was lost for the Achnas team.

In the 73', AEK managed to score with Sol with a nice turn in the area to defeats Markovic for 5-4 for his team.

After the conceded goal, Ethnikis looked for an equalizer and managed to reach 5-5 in the 85th minute after Konstantinos Ilias converted, Lomotei leveled the match with a spot kick.

In stoppage time in the 90th minute. AEK scored through Garcia, but the goal was disallowed for offside at the start of the phase in Sol as he forced Ristevski into a defensive tackle.


AEK: Piric, Tomovic, Sol, Triskovski, Farage, Garcia, Pons, Roberges, Sanchez, Giurzo, Mamas

On the bench: Herrein, Toumbas, Casas, Ledes , Rafa Lopez, Milisevic, Gama, Kaptoum, Santos, Kapsis, Gonzalez, Georges

National: Markovic, De Iriodo, Peratikos, Lipski, Pehlivanis, Lomotei, Cabrera, Ilias, Drazic, Fiakas, Aksendijevic.

On the bench: Bogatinov, Stavrinou, Spirovski, Ilias, Gomes, Bradovic, Kallenos, Nikolaou, Ioannou, Christofi, Angelopoulos.

Scorer: 16' , 27', 44', 73 Sol, 30' Triskovski/4', 6', 45+3' Ilias (pen.), 21' Lipski, 85' Lomotei

Referee: Antoniou Menelaos
VAR: Athanasiou Kyriakos

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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