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Five Frederick University athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

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Five Frederick University athletes at the Tokyo Olympics

Five athletes, alumni and alumni of Frederick University have achieved the coveted qualification in their sports and will participate in this year's Olympic Games. They are the student sailors Natasa Lappa and Marilena Makri, the graduate shooting champion Andri Eleftheriou, the graduate discus throw champion Apostolos Parellis and the graduate weightlifting champion Maria Markou.

According to an announcement by the University, Natasa Lappa and Marilena Makri, students in the Physical Education and Sports Science Program, are the youngest members of the Cyprus Olympic Team. Both compete in the sport of Sailing having secured their participation in the RS: X Windsurfing category and Marilena in the Laser Radial category.

Andri Eleftheriou is competing in Skate Shooting and this will be her third participation in the Olympic Games. The athlete Apostolos Parellis, in his fourth Olympic participation, competes in the sport of Discus. Maria Markou is competing for the first time in the Paralympic Games having secured her place only on July 13th. In less than two years and in the midst of the pandemic, Maria managed to establish herself internationally as one of the best athletes in the 67 + kg Weightlifting category in Bench.

Source: KYPE

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