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Five policy pillars for a normal state

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So far and while the election campaign of some candidates for the 2023 presidential election is unfolding, I have not heard nor did we read a complete and comprehensive program of political action for the five years 2023-2028. Those who still read expect, in addition to guidelines and visions (copied or not) some measurable and mostly feasible positions, which will lead our country to the next step. What are the key issues that need to be put on the table for every citizen to be able to decide?

The Cyprus issue

Our national issue, even if it does not sell, according to the communication experts, is an issue that has permeated the political DNA of every Cypriot, largely determining his vote. It employs one third of the population that is or originates from refugees, it concerns every Cypriot citizen because its solution or not, concerns peace, economic stability and in general the security of this country. If something in the Cyprus issue is not of particular interest is the past and especially its narratives: What solution did we not reach, who is to blame, what happened in Burgenstock and Crans Montana? These are important, but they are of interest to a small group of our fellow citizens. What is mainly interesting is how we can proceed with the solution of this problem and specifically through what plans and procedures. Candidates in this subject must be specific. The generalities about UN resolutions, internationalization and sanctions in Turkey, we have the impression that they are exhausted. The candidate who will win impressions and votes in the Cyprus issue, will be the one who will convince that he can go one step further to ensure stability and peace in our country, through a credible dialogue with the Turkish Cypriots regarding the internal aspect and Greece, Turkey and Britain in terms of guarantees. The Cyprus issue for the last 48 years has been seen from every possible angle, and the discussion is almost exhausted. What is needed is for there to finally be political will on our part. The argument that it is not resolved because it does not want Turkey has begun to be widely disputed internationally. After 2004, the Turkish side, which has been systematically accused of lack of will, has begun to overcome this problem. For the lack of political will, the last 18 years are the E/K that are mainly accused either directly or indirectly. In short, the stakes of the next five years are whether the Turkish Cypriot state will be recognized as an independent state, or through a solution will be an equal part of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.

The triptych health education-justice

Corruption It would be nonsense not to admit that the government has produced work in the last ten years. There were mainly some notable ministers who made cuts and changed things. On the other hand, one cannot ignore the fact that in the last 10 years the country has acquired the title of the most corrupt country in Europe. The OSCE conference on corruption in Cyprus the day before yesterday was probably a matter of honor! Why is there corruption? Because we have no institutions to fight it. Police and other independent competing institutions that can stand tall in the parties and the President. In Europe, commissioners of the Commission are forced to resign because they violated the measures of the pandemic, in Cyprus the President travels for free with jets of oligarchs and does not open his nostrils. In Cyprus, the government did everything possible to financially support the millions of businessmen who led Cyprus to disaster in 2011 but gives 80 euros for each child in a family of three as an aid, when electricity, fuel and food have almost doubled. In our country, the universe has collapsed in recent years, but for some, through an organized plan of this government, it marked a new era of prosperity with the vehicle of attracting fraudsters – with the compensation to get a passport of the Republic of Cyprus. Which candidate for the presidency will take the responsibility to come out and say: I enter politics poor and I will live on the salary of the President. Which candidate will commit: If elected, the first thing I will do will be to appoint an independent commission to investigate politicians involved in scandals? Unless they are punished, if some politicians do not end up in prison, this country will not see the light of day.

Caring for young people

Some politicians accuse young people of abstaining from politics, of not being interested in the public and other idiots. The truth is very different. Who cares about the commons when there is nothing in common between those who rule and those who are governed? The children of some politicians sing villas and go to the best schools at the expense of the state. The young people of Cyprus work for 700 and 1,000 euros, if they find a job. They live with their parents because they can not rent an apartment, much less to have their own house to start a family. Which candidate for President of the Republic will deal with the legion of these proletarians with the ro5 pillars of politics for a regular By Dionysis Dionysios What do we expect to hear from the candidates for the presidency of the Republic? Education in Cyprus suffers. It is teacher-centered, exam-oriented and overly conservative in terms of the content of the teaching provided. Young Cypriots parrot facts, they do not know values. They inherit through school a barren past without critical thinking and supplies for the future. The school must become attractive and meet the needs of the young people of the 21st century and not of the 19th 1 2 3 4 5 BELT In most European countries there are credible programs for young people in terms of housing problems, serious family benefits and mainly relocation incentives in the periphery to beat astyphilia and further develop the countryside. In Cyprus there are only bold words. And when some young people resort to programs that announce ministries, they fall for so much paperwork that in the end it is not worth it. The qualified ones are leaving in a short time. Who will stop this constant flight of remarkable minds from Cyprus because some people decided that we are doomed to mediocrity?

Business – Economy

In Cyprus, business has been demonized, perhaps rightly so, because many businessmen do not behave as healthy economic agents but as clients of the parties and the government, always with the unpaid. The fight against corruption and the existence of transparency will allow this country to enter at different rates. We do not have raw materials for heavy industry, but we can develop smart businesses through innovation. Through our own gas we could seriously reduce energy costs and become competitive in the production of a range of local products but also in tourism. We can develop our rural economy and livestock. Cyprus can export more than it imports through a series of companies. The pharmaceutical industry, the hallucination, the transmission of electricity and electronic games are leading the way. What do we expect from the new President? That it will realize the potential of our country and will create a framework for greater development. By meritoriously appointing the right people in the right places, who will envision where this country can go and not how fast their pouches will fill up. The current President of the Republic due to constitutions of the Constitution after 1964 is omnipotent, because he can appoint hundreds of people to key positions. If the best of the best are appointed without quotes then this place has a future. Over the past decade, the business of this country has focused on how to serve 50 developers, some lawyers and accountants, and of course how to make some politicians richer. In short, we do not want a President who thinks he is charismatic. We want a President who will appoint its honest representatives with rather low expectations: To become a normal state.

Source: politis.com.cy

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