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Following the example of the Italian far-right, ELAM – Strong presence of Meloni's party at the ECR conference

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Με προτυπο την ι ταλικor ακροδεξιτο ΕΛΑΜ- Eντον&eta ; παρουσΙα του κόμματος της Μελόν&iota ; στο συνèδριο του ECR

The organization of the Congress of the European Conservative Party and Reformist ECR that took place on Saturday in Nicosia was something that ELAM had been advertising for some time and was something that the Cypriot far-right party had invested in.

The model of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her party, which managed to take power in Italy and have a leading role among European conservatives, is a model for ELAM. On this model, he wants to build, wanting to capitalize on the momentum he seems to have so far in Cypriot society, highlighting immigration as the main issue.

Yesterday's conference played with the slogans used by the rest of Europe's conservative parties, effectively criticizing the European Union itself.
“Decisions cannot be made in Brussels based on the interests of only a few states, in the absence of the rest. “, said the president of ELAM, Christos Christou at the Conference.

According to a related announcement, the president of ELAM also mentioned that a little further from the conference, is “occupied Cyprus, the last semi-occupied European country ».
In addition, he referred to the example of the Meloni Government in Italy for dealing with illegal immigration.

In the ELAM announcement, it is added that the MEP and member of the ECR in Italy, Carlo Fidanza, told ELAM “we are waiting for you in new European Parliament. As ELAM we want you to elect and send your own representative to ECR”.

Afterwards, Antonio Giordano, Member of Parliament and Secretary General of the ECR in Italy welcomed ELAM to the ECR and praised the struggles of the Cypriot people and the Republic of Cyprus. According to the announcement, Mr. Giordano expressed his concern about the great burden that falls on the backs of Cyprus due to its geographical position, in the Immigration. He expressed his satisfaction with the holding of the ECR conference in Nicosia, stating that it will be repeated.

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Italy, Isabella Rauti, expressed her admiration and support for the trying people of Cyprus and the of his matches, the announcement adds.
In addition, it is reported that all the speakers praised the importance of all the member states of the European Union remaining united and in solidarity with each other, respecting each other, the national values ​​and the national identity of each member country. They referred to the challenges facing Europe, such as immigration.
They also referred to energy, the challenges of the new era, and expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation in Cyprus, declaring their undivided support for the Cypriot people.< /p>

According to the announcement, the Conference was attended by delegations from 22 countries, including Italy's Government party, Poland's largest party, the Czech Republic's “largest patriotic” party, Finland's co-governing party, as well as high-ranking representatives and officials from France, Israel, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal, Croatia, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Bulgaria, Ireland, United Kingdom and other countries.

Sizopoulos: Genocidal plans are in the making

Today, as in 1974, we face critical situations with “genocidal plans in the making”, said the President of EDEK, Marinos Sizopoulos, speaking at the memorial service of the hero of the resistance, Kokos Fotios, murdered by members of EOKA B in April 1973.
Marinos Sizopoulos, in his speech, referred to the dramatic period before the coup, stressing that “July 15 and 20, 1974 were not two random events, but were the culmination of a ten-year conspiracy, which aimed to remove Makarios, of the Republic of Cyprus and the imposition of partition”.
It is for this reason, he said, that EDEK insists that the Cyprus issue is not a matter of intercommunal settlement, but an international problem, of invasion, continued occupation and illegal settlement.
” In the name of the thousands of named and anonymous heroes of Cypriot Freedom, we must claim for our people a democratic solution, which ensures security for future generations, where in the Republic of Cyprus all legal residents enjoy the same rights, without discrimination, ethnic or religious divisions, with an immediate end to the anachronistic guarantees and the complete withdrawal of all foreign troops”, he said, adding that the possibility of third countries and mainly the occupying Turkey exercising direct or indirect guardianship over the functioning of the state must be excluded at all costs.

Source: www.philenews.com

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