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Friday, March 1, 2024

“For the man next door, the everyday hero…”

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«Για τον Ανθρ&omega ;πο της διπλανorς πoρτας, τον orρωα τ ης καθημερινoτητας...»

Their acquaintance with the unfortunate Dorotheos Dorotheou, who was murdered in Latsia, was announced by Giorgos Perdikis in a post on Social Media.

What he says in his post :

"Until the photo of the victim was published, for me it was just news of a tragic incident in a neighborhood of Latsia. And suddenly from a post on facebook everything changed. But this is the Gift. My friend from high school. The open-hearted friend, the ever-giving, the slightly flighty and in his own world, the not-so-good student, the know-it-all of football information, the doorman of our class football team (I was the cutter, the unbeaten defensive duo – we got the championship)… One of the poor kids in the class. How many afternoons did we “read”? together in his poor house on the Acropolis in an alley behind the state chemistry, me with trigonometry (which you forgot the next minute) and you with all the details of football teams (which you also forgot the next minute) since the resources were not there for the expensive tuitions. I just caught the funeral. A lot of people. People from the neighborhood, from football, from church, ping-pong… For the man next door, the anonymous good-hearted person, the everyday hero. He was in the limelight as a tragic victim of a fleeting news item. And they are now in the eternal meadows where all pain and groaning is absent, there is no injustice and selfishness. To our good classmate. With your life, your unjust and tragic loss, you taught us what is genuine and true. To the good».

Today the last farewell to Dorotheos who was murdered in Latsia

New arrest for the murder in Latsia – The seven arrested

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Source: www.sigmalive.com

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