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Foreign ambassadors tasted Cyprus: Halloumi, zucchini, sausage and cigars on the menu (photo)

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A presentation event of the traditional products of Cyprus, which have secured the registration as products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) or as products of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) but also of the products that are in the evaluation process by the European Commission, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

According to a statement issued today by the GTP, the “Taste of Cyprus” event was addressed to the representatives of the diplomatic corps, who were welcomed in the garden of the Athalassa Environmental Education Center by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis, and the Minister of Agriculture, Agriculture Costas Kadis.

During the event, the ambassadors of the diplomatic missions in Cyprus were given the opportunity to be informed by the competent ministers about the efforts made to secure and promote the traditional products of the island. At the same time, the ambassadors had the opportunity to try halloumi breaded with tomato sauce, halva with sweet rose, pafit sausage with grilled pepper on baguette, zucchini with celery and tomato on souvlaki, purees with icing sugar and many other traditional products of Cyprus.

Foreign ambassadors tasted Cyprus: Halloumi, zucchini, sausage and cigars on the menu (photo)

Welcoming the foreign Ambassadors, the Minister of Agriculture stressed that the “Taste of Cyprus” event is an opportunity for them to taste and get to know the traditional agricultural products of Cyprus and to get acquainted with an important chapter of our country's cultural heritage. “These products stand out for their long history and tradition, with their production techniques being passed down from generation to generation, for centuries”, continued Mr. Kadis.

The Minister informed the representatives of the Diplomatic Corps that the preservation and promotion of the traditional agricultural products of Cyprus is an integral part of the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment. “As a small country, Cyprus does not have the ability to compete with larger countries and mass-produced products, which ensure economies of scale. We, therefore, focus on local products that stand out for their identity and quality “, pointed out Mr. Kadis, clarifying that such products are registered and protected as geographical indications at European level.

Mr. Kadis presented one by one the agricultural products of our country that have been registered so far as PDO and PGI, but also those that may be registered in the near future, referring to the production method and the gastronomy of each product. He made special reference to halloumi, the flagship of the island's exports for several years, characterizing it as the most important agricultural product of Cyprus.

“Referring to the recent registration of 'Halloumi / Hellim' as a PDO product, he stressed that this is a very important development that will protect the product from imitation products and will generally benefit the producers of both communities, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.”

Foreign ambassadors tasted Cyprus: Halloumi, zucchini, sausage and cigars on the menu (photo)

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed that the goal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to preserve the local identity of Cyprus and to make known its traditional agricultural products in third countries.

Referring to the close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, he noted that the common goal is to better inform our partners, in Europe and internationally, about the tradition and the unique products of our country, which are able to meet the demands of society and expectations. of consumers for high quality products.

At the same time, he underlined that the Cypriot Government closely monitors the issues of trade relations and regulations set at EU level and concerning agricultural products, in order to ensure the protection and promotion of the national interests of our country.

Mr. Christodoulidis also stressed the importance of gastronomy for tourists visiting Cyprus, noting that the local cuisine of Cyprus is authentic, uses a wide variety of agricultural products, with rich flavors and aromas, and a history that goes back many centuries. before.

Source: politis.com.cy

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