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Foreign Policy: Rising indications that Tayyip Erdogan is ill

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Foreign Policy: Rising indications that Tayyip Erdogan is ill

The health of the Turkish President has come under the microscope of the international press after the public incidents of his weakness.

According to a valid Foreign Policy article, “Tayyip Erdogan may be too ill to continue to lead Turkey”!

Steven A. Cook states that “Erdogan may indeed be vulnerable before 2023, but not in the way most people believe, as there are indications that he may be too ill to run for re-election.”

In recent months, a series of videos have surfaced in which the Turkish leader did not perform well. Some of them are not as clear-cut as others, but they all raise some obvious questions about Erdogan's health. In one clip, for example, the president of our neighboring country seems to need the help of his wife.

In another, he appears to be having difficulty walking in the mausoleum of Turkish founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. And in a third video that received a lot of attention last July, Erdogan appears to confuse his words during a televised address to AKP members.

Despite the images and rumors circulating in Turkey about respiratory problems and implantation of an internal defibrillator, the article points out that they may simply be coincidences or leaks from his political opponents.

Steven A. Cook also presents the provisions of the Turkish Constitution in case the president of the country is unable to perform his duties. Under Article 106, Vice President Fuat Oktay will assume the responsibilities and powers now held by Erdogan until elections are held (in 45 days) and a new president is sworn in.

Source: politis.com.cy

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