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Foreigners from 80 countries buy real estate in occupied Cyprus – Where do they prefer

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Αλλοδαποαπ 80 χoρες αγοραζουν ακiνητα στην κα τεχόμενη Κύπρο-Πού προτιμούν

The local population in the occupied territories is finding it difficult to buy houses due to the reduction of their purchasing power and 70% of real estate sales are made to foreigners, Döveç company sales director told Jeni Duzen Construction, Bourgeois Kurt.

According to the GTP, the publication states that Ms. Kurt added that there is an economic crisis worldwide, but the construction sector generates the most income in the “country” .

“The reason for this is that we address many countries. Today when we look at the whole of Cyprus, there are groups of buyers from 70-80 countries. And this gives us reason to open up to the world, increase our sales and meet demand. They may prefer us as a result of the installment facility we provide, especially us in the construction sector.

When we compare, he continued, property prices in “south” and “north” Cyprus – as mentioned in the free and occupied areas – we see that “north Cyprus” has appropriate prices in this matter. “Therefore, we are more attractive to foreigners. Construction costs increased, everything was affected, but this was not reflected in sales,” he said.

The profile of customers in occupied Trikomo and Famagusta, he noted, is different. “The center of Famagusta is more preferred by people coming from Iran and the Scandinavian countries. Generally, there are buyers from European countries and Turkey. We can say that 70% of the sales are to foreigners”.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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