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Forget Pokémon, Cyprus has dragons

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Forget Pokémon, Cyprus has dragons

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    The Deputy Ministry of Tourism has launched an immersive experience called Heartland of Legends (HoL) using augmented reality (AR) technology to promote tourism in rural, mountainous, and border areas.

    As announced by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the trail winds through rural, mountainous, and border regions, offering authentic experiences that connect visitors with Cypriot nature, traditions, and the Cypriot way of life.

    To further encourage visitation to the hinterland through this route, the Ministry has created the “Dragon Game” mobile app, an AR-based discovery game. Users can install the app on their smartphones and scan specific fountains in the villages of Heartland of Legends to uncover “digital dragons”.

    Visitors can explore the 20 villages with their characteristic fountains, open the app, and scan the designated fountain. A unique digital dragon will appear on the app, accompanied by a short story highlighting the traditions, folktales, legends, or unique local characteristics of each village.

    The designs and “dragons” are inspired by the unique works of Cypriot engraver Hambis Tsangaris, a recipient of the Heritage Award/Europa Nostra.

    The project was implemented in collaboration with the CYENS Center of Excellence and the “Hambis&#8221 ; Engraving Museum, and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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