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Former Kiti case – The complainant's mother and sister testified: “The last time he returned home crying”

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The mother and sister of the complaining woman, who reported the former Metropolitan of Kiti Chrysostomos, 84, for an obscene attack, testified before the Larnaca District Court on Tuesday.

At the time in which the offense was allegedly committed, ie in 1981 inside the Diocese, the complainant was a minor, while the former Metropolitan of Kiti declared non-admission to the charge of indecent assault.

The mother of the complainant stated in her testimony before the Court that after the death of her husband she sent her daughter, following the recommendations of a neighbor, to go and get financial help from the then Metropolitan of Kiti, while she also referred to her last visit to the Diocese when & # 8211; as he said & # 8211; on her way home she cried and had to call a doctor to give her sedatives.

She also said that her daughter never got over what happened and that she was taking pills to overcome it.

Michalis Piki, defense attorney of the former Metropolitan of Kiti, examining the witness, told her that nothing she said in her testimony had happened to the complainant's mother stating that she went to court to tell the truth.

< p class = "text-paragraph"> Invited by Mr. Pikis to report whether she asked her daughter what she did every time she went to the Diocese, the mother said she did not ask her and that she last returned home crying./p>

For her part, the complainant's sister said in her main examination before the Court that after her last visit to the former Metropolitan of Kiti, her sister was constantly crying and was in a bad psychological state.

She also mentioned that she and her fiancé decided to set a trap for the Metropolitan to record him. Because, as she claimed, her voice resembled that of her sister, she got on the personal phone of the former Metropolitan of Kiti, and, according to her, he told her that if she stayed with him “they would have a good time”.

< p class = "text-paragraph">She also added that when they presented the two tapes that they managed to record with her fiancé to a lawyer, he advised them “not to mess with the Church”, while noting that she does not know where the tapes are today, after she broke up with her then husband. .

During his re-examination, Michalis Piki testified that the specific cassettes never existed, with the complainant's sister telling him that he was telling the truth.

Mr. Pikis told the witness that if what the complainant claimed was really happening, the first thing they would do was go to the Police, since they even had cassettes with the voice, as he claimed, of the former Metropolitan of Kiti./p>

The witness replied that because they were not satisfied with the lawyer's answer, her fiancé went to a newspaper and a journalist told them that “you can not get along with the Church”.

Mr. Pikis submitted to the witness that all these are ex post thoughts, that there were never tapes, never went to a lawyer, never the specific lawyer would tell them what he claimed and They say all this to justify the fact that they did not go to report the incident to the police.

After the examination of the two women, the Court set Thursday, June 23 for continuation of the hearing d proceedings with testimonies of other witnesses.

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