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Four-month exams: The possibility of a third series of exams is becoming more and more certain

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Four-month exams: The possibility of a third series of exams is becoming more and more certain

The possibility of the third examination period becomes more and more certain, after today, the first day of the four-month examinations for the students of B 'and C' Lyceum. About 7.5% were absent due to coronavirus either as cases or as case contacts. It should be noted that on the 28th of the month the second exam will start and that next Monday 17/01 the 1st high school will attend exams starting with the course of Modern Greek.

Graduated writing

According to statements by the vice-president of OELMEK Mr. Themis Polyviou at politis.com.cy the writing of Modern Greek was graded giving students of all levels the opportunity to perform with ease. This was mainly due to the difficulties that the students themselves had to face due to the pressure of time in the context of learning under pandemic conditions.

Although the written correction guide of OELMEK has already been sent, the fact is that the coordinators of each school were not coordinated regarding the corrections in order to make the process clearer but also for the resolution of any questions.

The essay of Modern Greek will also be studied by the Association of Philologists in case there are any complaints about whether the writing is in line with the teaching data.

Four-month exams: The possibility of a third series of exams is becoming more and more certain

“Normally” we started, says Prodromou

In his statements, after the session of the Education Committee of the Parliament, which examined the introduction of the test to stay measure in schools, the Minister of Education stated that the four-month exams in schools “started normally” and that so far “everything is going smoothly”.

Speaking further about the conduct of the four-month exams, the Minister of Education stated that this evaluation concerns 7 thousand students from the 3rd grade of Lyceums and Technical Schools.

It is noted that the exams of the first 4 months will last until the end of January, while there will be an extra week of rest for the students.

He assured, however, that the children included in the 7% of absences “will have the opportunity after the end of the examination period to attend in the second row”, adding that these are the numbers that we would like to take into account in the next days, in order to organize the second series, but also to see if a third series of exams is needed “.

Mr. Prodromou said that “all students will have the opportunity to be evaluated equally”. Regarding the conduct of the 4-month written exams, the Minister of Education stated that “the process is done impartially and inviolably”, noting that “the issue is done as provided and the parity is greater than the conduct of exams by each school and each teacher separately.”

Letter from OELMEK to the Directorate of Secondary Education

According to information from politis.com.cy, OELMEK has sent a letter to the Director of Secondary Education, Louis Kyprianos, listing various problems, including the issue of coordinators, corrections, as well as the transfer of writings.

Source: politis.com.cy

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