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Four years of DP World Limassol with impressive results

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Four years of DP World Limassol with impressive results

DP World Limassol remains committed to making the port of Limassol a leader in the Eastern Mediterranean and has achieved impressive results to date, said Nawaf Abdulla, CEO of the company, on the occasion of the completion of four years of operation. and passenger traffic.

According to an announcement, the company states that in the first four years of the 25-year concession agreement it has concluded with the Republic of Cyprus, which also meant the commercialization of the port of Limassol, it has recorded impressive results, leading to a significant increase in state revenues.

In particular, it added, it has served more than 250 cruise ships, while it has managed the arrival of more than 400,000 passengers. In addition, in terms of transit trade, the company served more than 3,500 merchant ships and managed goods in excess of three million tonnes.

In a statement, the CEO, Nawaf Abdulla, said that the company is proud to have been chosen to be the manager of “this vital port for the wider area and we are trying to get better every day”.

“Despite the difficulties we have faced over the last year,” he added, “we remain committed to establishing Limassol as the top port of choice in the Eastern Mediterranean in the field of cruise and transit trade,” he said, adding that efforts were continuing.

Mr Abdulla said that through a series of targeted investments made as part of DP World Limassol's long-term investment planning, the company has properly prepared the port of Limassol to be able to claim a more central role in the region, ensuring its growth trajectory for the coming years.

In particular, the announcement continues, significant investments in equipment and technology have enhanced the efficiency and competitiveness of the port, allowing more vessels to be served and reducing their service time, and laying the groundwork for the port to actively support energy research activities off the coast of Cyprus and neighboring countries.

DP World Limassol has also invested in the acquisition of new equipment, purchasing a large number of cranes, handling equipment, hoists, as well as other essential equipment that has helped strengthen the automation and shielding of port operations.

“As a state-of-the-art international organization, at the forefront of logistics and smart commerce, DP World Group systematically invests in full compliance with the latest international standards, as well as in digital solutions that increase efficiency and provide immediate benefits. to its staff and customers “, it is added.

This strategy is also reflected in the port of Limassol, where the company has introduced a wide range of innovative digital products, including two new electronic payment methods, the statement said, adding that “DP World Limassol remains committed to developing its infrastructure, with the aim of creation of the appropriate environment for each sector of the port “.

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