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Fourlas: Issue of sale of German submarines in Turkey

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Fourlas: Issue of sale of German submarines in Turkey

The serious issue of the sale of six submarines type 214 from Germany to Turkey, was raised before the European Commission by DISY & EPP MEP Loukas Fourlas, according to a statement from his office.

The following are also mentioned:

The action of the German government encourages Ankara to continue its expansionist policy in the Cyprus EEZ, the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean in general.

In his question, Mr. Fourlas stressed that “the issue of imposing sanctions on the Erdogan regime is being intensely discussed and does not seem to heed the warnings, as the EU is constantly backing down at the last minute and constantly giving another chance to the uncompromising Turkey.” ».

For warnings to work and be taken seriously by Turkey, they must be accompanied by credibility, and the line of European countries must show that the Union is ready for that.

“Unfortunately, we are watching Germany prepare to deliver aggressive state-of-the-art submarines to Turkey, with which we as a Union do not find common ground.”

Noting that this common ground does not exist in the protection and safeguarding of human rights and freedoms, nor in immigration, nor in respect for international law and the EEZ.

I ask the European Commission, do we show credibility as the European Union when Germany intends to sell it military equipment directly? This equipment may be used against Member States of the Union. How does the European Commission deal with the issue of the sale of equipment in a country that has European territory and I am referring to my country Cyprus “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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