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Frame – frame the moment of the brutal attack on Christina Pappa by an unknown man who hit her on the street

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Unbelievable incident

An unbelievable incident happened to Christina Pappa when an unknown man attacked her on a main street in Glyfada, as she revealed.

In particular, the well-known actress claims that she was the victim of an attack by a man (the father of a minor child), who initially attacked her verbally for a parking space, while after their argument he blocked her car, while he got out of his and hit.

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In her post she says: “I want to tell you about a violent incident in Glyfada today. There's a sequel, I'm here to sue. All I want to say is that women should not be afraid. This has never happened to me before, I think people have gone mad.

I went into a pharmacy to get medicine – with a very large parking lot – and in comes a inside the pharmacy and he started swearing very insultingly about the car.

I say sorry sir, the car is mine but it has infinite space there because the parking lot is huge. He started cursing offensively, you can't imagine how much.At one point I got mad, I told him “you old bum” I'm going to call the police.

I went out and he had locked me in the car door with his car. I get in from the passenger seat. I reverse the entrance because I wanted to wait for the police. The police responded promptly and politely. I told him to apologize and leave, but he chose to step on me and get out of the car to hit me.

I'm just sitting and thinking now that I'm calming down after the bath I took that to be fired from your job and to be so violent and aggressive and verbally, argumentative, mean, to speak so badly to a woman in front of so many people. He is a father and has a child with some problems as he told us at the police station so that I don't sue him and get him detained. However, I repeat that those of you who have problems these events should make us better and not worse”.

Through the show Nikos Evaggelatos secured video from the moment of the attack on the actress, with the footage being truly shocking.

Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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