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France: Mysterious stings in music festival participants – What Experts and Authorities are researching

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Those who attended the Printemps de Bourges music festival have strange stings on their bodies, with many fearing that they have been given harmful substances.

According to the French Agency, the origin of the stings – marks remains for at this time unknown and an investigation is already underway to clarify the case.

“We do not know if these are syringe or pin bites, for example,” said Anies Bonzen, head of the Sir's prefecture office where the festival is being held. “These people just felt stings,” he added. At the same time, festival director Boris Ventel said there was no sexual assault, noting that the mysterious signs were reported by men and women of all ages “To date, there have been reports of nine incidents on April 23,” Ventel told AFP, a number that was also confirmed by the Sir prefecture.

A blood sample was taken from the participants carrying the stings to determine if they had been given substances.

According to the Bourgeois prosecutor, four lawsuits have been filed and an investigation into “harmful substances” is under way. At the same time, the security measures at the festival, which closes on Sunday, have been strengthened.

It is worth noting that similar incidents with bites have been reported by patrons of French discos.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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