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François Hollande: Groom for the first time – He married actress Julie Gayet at the age of 67

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< p>The former president of France formalized his relationship with his beloved, 50-year-old actress. For her's sake, François Hollande had caused a scandal in the Elysee, in 2017 when it became known that he was cheating on the unofficial “First Lady”, Valerie Trierweler, and during the night, he went on a scooter to meet her.


After he broke up with Valerie, he has since lived his love affair with actress Julie Gayet.

The 50-year-old actress managed to persuade him to get engaged to & # 8230; right.

And so, 67-year-old François Hollande dressed as a groom for the first time in a small ceremony at Corez town hall, formalizing his relationship with his beloved actress, mother of two children from her first marriage.

Her former president France has had four children with Socialist Segolene Royal, but lived as partners under the same roof.

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He then fell in love with the journalist Valerie Trierveler with whom he crossed the threshold of the Elysee Palace without formalizing their relationship.

And before completing his presidential term, The bomb explodes with the revelation of Closer magazine that Hollande is cheating on Valerie since all he cares about is being in the arms of the French actress.

Finally, the 50-year-old actress is the woman of his life after he managed to convince 67-year-old Hollande to marry her.

On June 3, 2022 , Gayet celebrated her 50th birthday and a day later, she got dressed bride. At her side were her two sons from her first marriage to director and screenwriter Santiago Amigorena .

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Hollande and Gayet got married on Saturday at Corez town hall, according to the newspaper “La Montagne”, posting a photo of the couple on her Twitter account.

Gayet wore a long white dress – like a wedding dress – and was holding a bouquet while Hollande was costumed and smiling.

In recent years, the couple made public appearances and did not hide their love.

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