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TO UNIVERSITYFrederick has a history of almost 60 years as an educational institution and significant local and international awards. It is one of the main research institutions, while it operates in two cities, Nicosia and Limassol.

Important distinctions ininternational university rankings

< p>In Times Higher EducationImpact Rankings 2023, which rank universities from around the world according to their performance in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Frederick University was ranked in the first 201-300 universities, receiving the highest score of all participating universities from Cyprus and Greece. Frederick University's success in relation to the goal of Quality Education is particularly important, since it was ranked 44th worldwide.

Member of EU-CONEXUS

< p>Frederick Universityis a member of EU-CONEXUS, an alliance of European universities focusing on smart sustainable coastal residential development. This is one of the projects selected for funding by the European Commission, with the aim of creating around twenty networks of universities, which will allow the acquisition of a degree with a combination of studies in various European countries. Frederick University is the first private university in Cyprus to achieve membership in one of these networks. The European Union considers these to be the universities of the future.

With 80+ study programs

At the Universitymore than 80 degree programs are offered which are designed based on the needs of the market. Through a continuous renewal process, the programs are enriched with new courses so that graduates are always at the forefront of developments. The postgraduate programs, most of which are unique in Cyprus, provide specialization opportunities that give graduates a comparative advantage in the competitive work environment. The University has also developed an innovative educational framework for offering distance learning programs, based on international standards.

Experiential learning

The experiential learning, i.e. the students' contact with the business world, and their familiarization with the real requirements and conditions in the workplace, is one of the most important goals of the University. Among the actions that the University has developed for its connection with the business world, is the creation of the Frederick University Living Lab (FULL). It is an innovative program that combines participatory and experiential learning through projects implemented by students, in collaboration with society and businesses. Students come into contact with real working conditions and use their knowledge and skills to provide solutions to real problems.

Equally important is that the structure and content of the courses integrate the knowledge and experiences of businesses to meet the business needs and trends of today's labor market. That is why the University encourages the involvement of executives from businesses and organizations in the development of the course content of its study programs.

Ideal environment for learning

< strong>Frederick's Universityhas privately owned facilities in Nicosia and Limassol. The University Campus in Nicosia is located just two kilometers from the city center. It includes well-equipped specialized laboratories, staff offices, a library, conference rooms, lecture halls, modern classrooms, studios, a gym and a modern cafeteria. The University's facilities in Limassol include lecture halls, modern classrooms, laboratories, studios, staff offices and a large cafeteria, while a major extension has recently been completed which includes a modern library, a large event hall, new lecture halls and new laboratories. At the same time, the creation of a new building for the first Medical School of Limassol is being planned. Also, the students have at their disposal partner sports facilities for the Physical Education and Sports Science program.

Private student residences

In September of 2024, Frederick University will inaugurate its first privately owned student residences in Nicosia. They are located in Pallouriotissa, close to the center of Nicosia, and specifically between the main building of the University and the building of the Department of Architectural Engineering. It is a modern complex consisting of 63 studios and includes a gym, common entertainment and study area and other spaces, the design of which promotes socialization.

Modern classrooms

The classrooms are designed to promote teamwork. All the classrooms have been upgraded with the most modern technological equipment, so that students have the opportunity to participate and interact with the lecturers online as well.

Recreation and entertainment areas

The modern cafesof the University in Nicosia and Limassol offer comfortable spaces for socializing and relaxing, as do the external spaces of the University that host events. In Nicosia, the University has its own gym, fully equipped to meet different needs. Students in Limassol have access to the CHS Fitness Club, a modern 1500 square meter gym.

Fully equipped laboratories

At Frederick University, all Faculties have well-equipped specialized laboratories, which are used for teaching and research purposes. There are also computer laboratories, equipped with specialized software.

Modern libraries

The librariesof the University in Nicosia and Limassol, offer easy access to a huge number of books, up-to-date databases and e-books and related services. Students also have at their disposal comfortable study areas.

Support services

Central pillarof the University's consistently successful course is its human-centered approach. Frederick University's goal is to help students develop their talents and abilities and achieve their dreams. That is why services have been developed that support them before, during and after their studies. The University has a Counseling Center, staffed by mental health professionals, and offers activities that promote mental health and well-being as well as counseling and psychological support. In addition, each student is assigned an Academic Advisor for academic guidance and support on a personal level.

At Frederick Universitythe Peer Tutoring Center also operates, where students with excellent academic performance are employed by the University to offer free academic support to their fellow students.

The Career Office and the Office The University's liaison offices connect students and graduates with employers from all sectors.

For the promotionof the socialization of the students, in addition to the organized events, student clubs and sports teams operate. Students also have the opportunity to participate in educational trips or attend a semester or academic year at a partner university abroad with a grant through the Erasmus+ program.

Scholarships and financial aid >

Frederick University provides incoming freshmen with scholarships based on high school performance and athletic excellence, as well as financial aid plans based on socioeconomic criteria. Students from the second year of study participate in the Scholarships During Study program.

Engineering andtechnology scholarships for all girls


Part of Frederick University's policy is to promote gender equality throughout. In this context, all girls are offered special scholarships that cover 50% of the tuition fees in the degree programs at the Polytechnic School of the University. Scholarships are valid for the first year, renewable based on academic performance.

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