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French elections: “We will not co-govern with Mélenchon”, declares Macron

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<p class=After Macron withdraws candidates from the second round, he makes it clear that there is no possibility cooperation after the elections with Insubordinate France

The French president Emmanuel Macron, speaking today to the French cabinet, said, according to the French television station BFM, that there is no question of co-government between his faction and Jean-Luc Mélenchon's Insubordinate France party.

“The the fact that we withdrew many candidates so that the extreme right would not obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly does not mean that we intend to ally with Insubordinate France,” the French president is reported to have said.

On the same wavelength, Prime Minister Gabriel Atal assured that Macron's faction is not considering the possibility of co-governing with Insubordinate France, however, he did not rule out the possibility of creating, after the second round of parliamentary elections, a broad governing majority that will be spread from the traditional right as the environmentalists and the socialists.

We will never ally with Insubordinate France

“There is no alliance with Insubordinate France and we will not will ever exist,” Gabriel Attal told X on Wednesday.

“Withdrawal (of the candidates) does not mean a rally”, insisted the prime minister, justifying the move of some of Macron's candidates “to avoid the victory of a candidate of the National Congress” and “not to give an absolute majority” to Le Pen's party.< /p>

“Withdrawal is not a conspiracy, it is not a compromise,” government spokeswoman Prisca Thevenot said after the Cabinet meeting, adding: “Fighting National Alarm today does not mean allying tomorrow with Insubordinate France.”

Far-right criticism of 'unholy alliances'

Asked about the Macronist withdrawals, Bardella of the National Alarm denounced on Monday a “somewhat unnatural alliance between Mr. Melanchon and Mr. Macron”.

It is worth recalling that the New Popular Front (NFP) consists of Insubordinate France, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, but also the Socialist Party (PS), the Ecologists and the Communist Party .

The extreme right attacks Insubordinate France, which it characterizes as a violent far-left party that will mean the country's destruction. Similar rhetoric, however, has been used by politicians of the Right, as well as economic and institutional factors that see a greater risk in the dominance of the Left, even if other organizations also participate in the Popular Front.

Macron himself used the theory to the fullest. of the two extremes in his election campaign before the first round, even talking about civil war.

source: in.gr

Source: 24h.com.cy

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