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Freshwater Murder: Caroline's confessed killer remanded in custody

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Freshwater Murder: Caroline's confessed killer remanded in custody

After his marathon apology, the 33-year-old pilot Babis Anagnostopoulos takes the road to prison for the murder of his wife Caroline, inside their house in Glyka Nera.

“I ruined my life, I ruined my family life,” the killer reportedly told investigators and prosecutors, who jointly decided to remand him in custody.

The 33-year-old will enter the 6th ward of Korydallos prison, where at the moment there are defendants such as: Menios Fourthiotis and Mr. Koutsolioutsos of Folli Follie.

He will be in his cell with three others. One is on trial for smuggling, the second is a former prison officer charged with drugs and the third is also charged with drug cases.

This particular wing was chosen because it is considered quiet and it is attended by defendants, who have public opinion concerns and there is a risk if they go to tougher wings.

The two requests to the investigator

During his apology to the investigator, according to information, the accused submitted two requests.

The first concerns an expert on the camera located on the ground floor of the house, in order to determine the exact time when the memory card was removed.

The second request concerns the summoning of witnesses from the family and friendly environment of the couple in order to give the full picture of the relationship between them.

“Everything happened in a moment of tension”

In fact, the pilot allegedly claimed that everything happened in an instant, due to the intensity that had preceded.

The accused allegedly repeated that he went up from the ground floor of the house to the attic in order to persuade her to sleep with their child. They started a conversation charged, as he had hugged her, leaned next to her and what happened happened, he allegedly claims.

Finally, the accused allegedly apologized for destroying his family and two other families.

Long process

The trial began after the court official studied the multi-page apology delivered by the 33-year-old defendant, and is expected to last several hours.

It is noted that the 33-year-old pilot was taken to the investigator under draconian security measures, while when the 33-year-old entered the investigator's office, some of those present shouted at him: “Murderer, rot in prison.”

The 33-year-old was called to account for two crimes (murder and killing of an animal), while he is also charged with two misdemeanors related to the false complaint he made about robbery and the false statements he gave to the Police for a number of days.

Source: politis.com.cy

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