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From a British … Turkish colony

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If the visit of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to Cyprus proved anything, it is the servitude of the corrupt political system. & nbsp;

Politicians are still committed to the so-called “British friendship”, which is non-existent towards our island, and continue today, 62 years after the end of the occupation of Cyprus by the British “empire” to seek the favor of the English. & nbsp;

It was a visit-inspection by the said owner of the former colony, who with more youth gained her independence, although precisely because of England, she never enjoyed it. The British were never defeated by the Amoukaki guerrillas of EOKA, who resurrected their “empire”. & nbsp;

And since then they have been building barricades against the Republic of Cyprus, which they want to abolish and make it a colony of occupied Turkey. & nbsp;

Of course, no one expected the political system to deny the Speaker of the House of Commons this visit. Denial needs guts that our politicians do not have. & nbsp;

Do you not remember the president of the Democratic Alarm (DISY), who rushed to the UNHCR to announce the acceptance of the “political equality”, which the same day was rejected by the President of the Republic of Cyprus? In serious countries the system would have rejected Mr. Averof Neophytou from its ranks. & Nbsp;

But in the “Island of the Saints”, this gentleman can be elected President in February 2023. His polls hold a great defeat, but I am sure that he has other ways to get rid of his potential opponents. & Nbsp;

We saw how he forced Nikos Christodoulidis to resign from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I guess that the Right was also involved in the operation to reject AKEL a candidacy of the successful in the Ministry of Health, George Pamporidis. May the two young (old) ministers go down to the presidential arena to take Cyprus to another era: of young and non-corrupt politicians. Mr. Neophytou will not be able to see their dust (according to the polls). & Nbsp;

The relationship of politicians with the British is therefore unacceptable and inappropriate. I also saw in the photos this High Commissioner, who pretends to be the worst British diplomat who served in Greece. He puts his nose everywhere. But, you will tell me, it is not his fault, but those who allow it. & Nbsp;

Mr. Anastasiadis can not smell him – the same is true for the president of DISY – but he sits on both of them listening to them advise him to “commit suicide” politically. And then he shouts, throws whatever he finds in front of his desk, instead of doing the obvious. Entering an office is also leaving. & nbsp;

After Crans Montana, the current President suffered a lot from the system that is trying to hand over Cyprus to the sphere of influence of Turkey. This campaign against the Cypriot President was led by the High Commissioner, the former general secretary of AKEL, Mr. Averof Neophytou, and the other system of supporters of “any solution”. & Nbsp;

As I have noted, Mr. Anastasiadis is not without responsibilities, first of all for the fact that he was in Crans Montana. It's his fault. But we can not blame him for not accepting any proposals tabled. They were outrageous and unacceptable proposals. Cyprus would have become a protectorate of Turkey. although American-educated. He is playing on all the boards, but now that he is running for the presidency, he has joined the British. & Nbsp;

We also saw the Speaker of Parliament, Ms. Annita Dimitriou, who was elected to the post because she is a woman – this is what the president of DISY said – welcoming her British counterpart with crazy joy, and I imagine that she did not even dare to say the slightest word to him. for the dirty role of Britain against our homeland. & nbsp;

Of course, this is Mr. Anastasiadis's job, but his concern now is to leave and burden Mr. Neophytos on the people. And he will sit on the beach of Limassol to enjoy the spectacle… & nbsp;

The British are enemies of Cyprus and that is how we must deal with them. The worst plots against us have not stopped working for a minute. And they will not stop building acid until the Cypriot state is abolished. And this will happen with plans drawn up by the British and presented as their own by the pro-Turkish Secretariat of the United Nations. & nbsp;

HYSTEROGRAPH I: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus has undertaken a contract to cancel the work of his predecessor, Nikos Christodoulidis. A big mistake of Mr. Ioannis Kasoulidis, because -as he knows much better than anyone- the “line” comes from the Presidential Palace. And it is not Mr. Pantelis Pantelidis who decides, but Nikos Anastasiadis. The current minister deals with everything else except the elaboration of a policy on the Cyprus issue. For four years, the Cypriot President's mandate was to continue the effort to impose sanctions on Turkey. The attempt was unsuccessful, because Mr. Anastasiadis did not dare to break the eggs in the faces of the Brussels bureaucrats. He threw the eggs on the wall! Mr. Kasoulidis blames the wrong people. The case of the Confidence Building Measures (MOU) that started together with Mr. Anastasiadis, is extreme and dangerous and will not save any Famagusta, but will be the beginning of the legitimacy of the pseudo-state. The end of this case will be catastrophic. & Nbsp;

HYSTEROGRAPH II: The Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that “we are going here to save Famagusta and we are paying a high price”. It is a slap in the face to Mr. Anastasiadis, because Mr. Kasoulidis clearly implies that he is responsible if the city of Evagoras is lost. If we consider that the Right has been ruling for the last nine years, the Foreign Minister acknowledges its great responsibilities. Of course, to put it bluntly, because our politicians are “large” people, only Turkey is responsible for the failure to resolve the Cyprus issue. Our politicians did not feed the Turkish beast enough, which has not had enough of their retreats. The aim is to accept the occupation of the northern occupied part and to control the free areas. What Mr. Anastasiadis, Mr. Kasoulidis and the other representatives of the system do not understand, which has been “drowned” by corruption… & nbsp;

POSTERGRAPH III: When the Cypriot MPs help us to laugh in laughter. I read that “after a long debate, the Plenary Session of the Parliament passed a law on the establishment and operation of an Independent Authority against Corruption”… But they did not tell us that the phenomenon has disappeared in Cyprus?

Source: www.philenews.com

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