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From laughing gas to drinks… pumps – They expect a discreet presence of Authorities in Ag. Napa the shopkeepers

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Απo laughing gas μèχρι ποτ …πόμπες-ΑναμΕνουνδιακριτικ αοσασηνοι ;ζατορες

The discrete presence of the Police in Ayia Napa is requested by the shopkeepers, who for another summer expect that most tourists, but also local citizens, will flood the coastal area of ​​the free Famagusta, which is known for its nightlife and for this reason they wish that the various incidents that occur each such period will be reduced to an infinitesimal.

It is an indisputable fact that every summer season, a number of premises will be reported, either for causing noise pollution, or for selling adulterated drinks, but also in some cases for the use of laughing gas among patrons. Incidents, which the authorities investigate every year, however, continue to exist and are something that is of particular concern to legal and professional owners of leisure centers.

At a time when increased mobility has already begun to be recorded in the recreation centers of Ayia Napa, the General Secretary of the Association of Recreation Center Owners, Fanos Leventis, told the REPORTER that, “with the presence of the municipal Police, things will change for the better, but it is a matter that needs time. Certainly in places where there is an increased presence of patrons, such as in Ayia Napa, some incidents are to be expected. Therefore, what is happening can be overcome with the discreet presence of the Police to the extent that it can be achieved.”

Regarding the incidents of noise pollution that are reported at regular intervals by various shopkeepers, Mr. Leventis indicated that, with the assumption of the new duties of the new Municipalities, it is expected that there will be a more rational application of the Law, as far as sound is concerned. “There is a Law, which, although it is not the best, with its correct application and with the cooperation of all parties, there will be the desired results which will allow the operation of recreational areas, without causing these phenomena which we live in some areas and from some places. So, the first action is for the entrepreneurs to apply for the licenses and have them issued, so that they are within the framework of legality”.

After each professional owner has issued his professional license, then the shopkeepers consider that the authority that supervises the implementation of the Law has every reason to make any complaint. “We expect that things will work better this year, without this removing even in the least the obligations of entrepreneurs to operate within the framework of the Law. At the same time, we appreciate that the Police show understanding to the businessmen, since they also expect to earn their living during these summer months”, said the General Secretary of PASSIKA.

As far as the issue with adulterated drinks is concerned, the competent authorities are the Health Services, which carry out frequent checks, however, as Mr. Leventis indicated, they may need to be intensified. “However, I consider that it is not wise for serious businessmen who have been in the business for years to make use of adulterated drinks. Using cheaper drinks is part of a business choice, however, adulterated drink defies all logic and we have to respect the guests in our premises and handle them in such a way as to create pleasant memories for them and not unpleasant ones” .

At the same time, laughing gas is an equally prohibited product, which is found in the context of the controls of the Authorities, as is customer harassment, which constitutes a criminal offence. According to Mr. Leventis, “we detect cases from time to time and we see that there are nonsense, since for example a certain recreation center in Paphos copied the furniture from a certain area and they try to convince passing visitors that it is the same area”.

For its part, however, the Police report that they have already started intensive patrols in the area, with the press representative, Christos Andreou, stating that, “the members of Force, perform special duties with increased patrols due to the increased presence of tourists. Also recently, the campaign for the control of four-wheeled motorcycles has been launched to make their movement safer. Furthermore, the owners who rent these types of motorcycles are enlightened and given some instructions, because they need special handling”.

As Mr. Andreou explained, the patrols they are concentrated during the night, where there is clearly increased traffic in the streets and squares of the coastal city, in order to have a better control and to avoid the various incidents.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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