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From September, the transfer of primary school students from house to house by pilot

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The transfer of primary school students to their schools, which will be picked up by bus from house to house, will start on a pilot basis from next September, announced on Wednesday the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, Giannis Karousos, which was convened by the Parliamentary Committee on Education, for the evaluation of the curricula and syllabi in primary, secondary general and secondary technical and vocational education.

According to the competent Minister, the students will be picked up from house to house, with an escort who will coordinate this process, and will be transported by bus to the school, while he added that with the completion of the courses, the students will be transported back home. in the same way.

Informing the members of the Education Committee of the Parliament, he said that the program will be implemented on a pilot basis for six months, to note that schools have been selected from urban, tourist, remote, remote or even mountainous areas, to record any problems that arise at its stage. pilot implementation.

As Mr. Karousos stressed, the goal is for the program to be fully implemented in all primary schools in Cyprus from September 2023, with the beginning of the new school year.

Asked about the cost of the program and whether the families will be burdened with a certain amount, in his statements on the sidelines of the meeting, the Minister of Transport said that the government's goal is not to burden the families, to note that if there is a burden it will be minimum, ie in the same way as now with the high school student routes, which is 10 euros per month.

However, he added that during the pilot phase there may be no cost and the transfer to is free.

He estimated that the program will solve many problems in the daily life of parents and other citizens.

In September, the study on rolling hours

In relation to the shift of hours in education, as well as the issue of the traffic problem, the competent Minister informed the Committee on Education, for the elaboration of a study in rolling stock, which will be ready by the end of September.

He explained that the Ministry, in the context of preparing the study for the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Nicosia (SVAK), requested that a study be conducted first in relation to the rolling hours and specifically if the hours of the Public Service, education or some are changed or shifted. Private Organizations that these changes will affect traffic.

“The study will be ready by the end of September and when it is ready we will be able to put it before all the social partners, to make the final decisions “, He said.

Mr. Karousos said that his Ministry considers that the traffic will be resolved if the hours are shifted, to note that a prerequisite for the shift of hours in education should be the change of hours in the Public Service.

He added that they will wait for the results of the study, in order to have a documentation and then to start the discussion, in order to resolve the traffic.

He clarified that the results will help significantly, so that the problem is not shifted from one hour to another.

Moreover, Mr. Karousos stated that an important contribution to the improvement of traffic is the installation of smart systems at traffic lights, where, as he said, the traffic in Nicosia and Limassol will now be managed in this way and there will be significant savings. in the path.

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