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Fruits and vegetables from… gold: Prices do not fall – Consumers bend

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Φρούτα και λα&chi ;ανικα απο… χρυσαφι: Δεν πΕφτουν ο&iota

They are not saying that the prices of fruits and vegetables will fall, affecting the pockets of consumers who continue to face the effects of ever-increasing inflation.

The price increases are continuous and attributed to precision, with producers claiming that in some cases they are not even collecting 50% of the retail price.

“In terms of production costs, currently is soaring. From the 21st to the 23rd, the prices of medicines and fertilizers have doubled and our big problem, apart from these, is the climate land”.

“We need too much water to sustain our plants. The water is pumped with electricity and oil,” said the Mayor of Odos, Menelaos Philippou.

“Cyprus is also an island. Far from raw material production centers. And that's exactly what changes the cost. We ask the government to do that in all countries, such as Greece, which has island regions and are subsidized. The situation is now out of control”, said the Secretary General of the Union of Cypriot Farmers, Panikos Hampas.

The existence of a gap between the production and the distribution of the products is distinguished by the Cyprus Consumers' Association.

“But the part of marketing, from the moment the product is delivered, from the moment the producer gives it to the consumer, I say needs investigation,” said the President of the Cyprus Consumers' Association, Marios Drousiotis.

“I mean, what is being asked for?” Is the ministry being asked to go to the supermarket, whose costs are well known, and which buys quantities and has a greater risk, and force them to sell at a lower price? We don't have the right to impose prices, that's clear,” said the Head of the Competition Branch, Aliki Iordanou.

Adding that the consumer has the freedom to choose where to buy it.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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