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FSB Deputy Commander of Russian National Guard Arrested – Overestimates 'Ukrainian Support' to Invasion

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Russia's daily losses on the war front have caused Vladimir Putin resentment, he said in a Twitter post. the investigative journalist Gristo Grozev , citing independent sources, the Russian security service FSB (successor to the KGB), arrested the deputy commander of the Russian National Guard, Roman Gavrilov.

“Three independent sources report that General Roman Gavrilov, the deputy commander of the Russian Guard (part of the Russian Federation's internal army, which suffered heavy casualties in Ukraine), has been arrested by the FSB. “Gavrilov also worked in the past in the Presidential Guard, that is, in Putin's's personal security,” Grozev said.

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The reasons for Gavrilov's arrest have not been made known at this time, but according to some sources, the Russian officer was arrested for strong > “Leak of military information, resulting in loss of life” . At the same time, two other sources note that Gavrilov did “Waste fuel” , resulting in many Russian tanks being “stuck in the middle of the road” on fuel, as many videos of Ukrainian forces have shown.

“While it is difficult to guess what exactly the liquidation/rearrangement will lead to at the top of the security forces, one thing is clear: Putin undoubtedly recognizes the crisis this operation is going through. It is so profound that it changes generals during a war – not a good practice at all “, the journalist also comments.

However Russian media report that Gavrilov was fired for unknown reasons by the director of the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation Viktor Zolotov. It is noted that Roman Gavrilov is considered responsible for the fiasco with the information it conveyed to the Kremlin having & # 8230; overestimate “Ukrainian support” for Russia's invasion.

Russian spies in & # 8217; home restriction

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin accuses Russian security services of resisting the Ukrainians. home restriction. As revealed by Andrei Soldatov, sources within the FSB confirmed the detention of both men.

The arrests of FSB officers have been confirmed by Vladimir Osetskin, a Russian human rights activist who is in exile. He added that FSB officers had searched more than 20 homes of their colleagues in Moscow suspected of talking to reporters. However, a Western official said he had been informed of the arrests but could not to confirm the accuracy of the information. According to the same official, if the information is true, it means that Putin is worried about the role of the FSB in the invasion and therefore there may be significant changes in the upper level of the Russian security services.

At the same time, Andrei Soldatov, a journalist and investigator specializing in Russian security services, told the Times in recent days that the FSB's final reports on the invasion of Ukraine and its assessment of how much According to estimates by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since March 9, about 12,000 Russian soldiers have been killed and three Russian generals killed in a week.

Source: politis.com.cy

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