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G. Loukaidis: The claim of the PD for a trip to the Seychelles without documentation

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G. Loukaidis: The claim of the PD for a trip to the Seychelles without documentation

Lies and shame were the content of the reply letter of the President of the Republic that he sent to the Parliament regarding his trip to the Seychelles in 2015, says George Loukaidis, AKEL MP.

Specifically, AKEL MP George Loukaidis posted on his personal account on social media that the President of the Republic, responding in writing to Parliament for his free family travel to the Seychelles, this time chose to lie, claiming, without any documentation, that it means 2015 trip was paid for by him and not his Saudi friend.

https://twitter.com/GeorgeLoukaides/status/1367420445625057280?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw [/ embed]

In contact with Mr. Loukaidis, he told us that the President could easily prove that he paid for the trip himself. As an institutional person, accepting a gift or facility creates a relationship of dependence and in itself is reprehensible, noted the AKEL MP and stressed that from this point the reasonable suspicions of corruption begin.

Also after the meeting of the Parliamentary Audit Committee, AKEL MP Irini Charalambidou said that, “the admission that the private jet of the Saudi multimillionaire was used for this trip in 2015 was made, after the persistent efforts of the Parliamentary Audit Committee. It should be recalled that during the meeting of the committee, on February 13, 2020, the Minister of Interior was directly asked if the private jet had been used again by the President of the Republic and the answer was categorical that it had not been reused. After a whole year the admission was made.

The answers given today by the government were not complete. The Code of Ethics recently passed by the Parliament does not allow gratuitous treatment of MPs by businessmen who have interests through the laws that are being passed. Nor is the code of conduct signed by Ministers and binding the President of the Republic, and this businessman received 42 naturalizations, including the illegal granting of citizenship, according to Kalogirou's conclusion “.

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For low-risk flights for the Republic of Cyprus, the rule of law of the Anastasiadis government “.

The letter of the President to the Parliament

G. Loukaidis: The claim of the PD for a trip to the Seychelles without documentation

Source: www.philenews.com

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